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  1. I dont see anything about the removal of minigames, again im extremely disappointed.
  2. Ya, every brush stroke is communicated immediately.. people see you painting in real time, its cool but they need to improve the coding of it
  3. Any plans on removing the extremely monotonous minigame mechanic?
  4. Yeah get em!, talk about how mini games are stupid too!
  5. From a game design perspective they do not add enough to the game to keep them as a requirement to doing certain tasks.. Reason #1 : They are simply not fun. I do not look forward to the hit/miss game Its not exciting to participate in, So why keep a mundane, monotonous task in the game? Homie dont play that. Reason #2 : Its a reaction time based minigame, statistically alienates older gamers who have no access to the fountain of youth irl. Statistics show cognitive decline after Age 24. Reason #3 : Its an unnecessary mechanic that adds no gameplay value. Reloading/repairing/digging for water.. It actually creates a barrier to entry, to access faster reload times/better yields You have to be cognitively "on the ball".. I still want my reload times/better yields/repairs.. I invested those points.. so what if I've had a few beers and I cant do your silly minigame? Removing or changing the game will only improve gameplay.. So you cant lose.. unless you make the game harder.. In that case I will take it personally.
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