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  1. Just what it says. If I have it equipped and the outline out trying to place my entire computer will lock up.
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    Breeding, Temperature, and Stasis

    I have tried and failed the last four times, latest after the patch that removed temp effects from heat waves/cold snap. Every time, every bear (5-8 cubs normally) died at the exact same time and while I was out of render range. I have never been out for more than 10 minutes. Every time it says they starved. Juvenile stage, filled with berries, three separate feeding troughs, filled with berries. The two times before this they died at the exact moment I bed hopped back to the barn. This last one was about 6 minutes prior to bed hopping. There is some kind of bug killing them when I move out of render range. It is not every time. I have been out of range about 10 times this morning. To say this is getting ridiculously frustrating is an understatement.