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  1. My summary since I played the game, just after the wipe. I really liked the game. Sailing, exploring islands and breeding animals, but even that is very frustrating in the long run. I travel a lot by boat and have bred a lot. For that I wanted a very good ship and just good animals. Since the Wipe, however, I can count on two hands with hundreds of animals I have caught, how many level 30s I have found. I have certainly looted a thousand boxes on the sea or sunken ships but have received a maximum of 4 legendary wooden walls and maximum blue ceilings. But i can build a mythical Stone Base. Very soon after the Wipe I had the success with the 50+ Galleon and have made countless Brigs and Galleons over level 50 and not a blueprint for mythical medium wood planks but one for mythical gunports with 10 crafts. Not enough to equip a Brig! No mythical ship cannons but legends that are worse than other blue ones I have. And the sails... I have a level of 100 and if I go completely to intelligence and have my intelligence armor on I have a value of about 1500 and build partly with 0.0% bonus. A few animals died because of rattlesnakes that have spawned under my base have eaten through the stone floors. I wanted to make the ice boss with a group. had very good armor and weapons with me. All that happened was that I was killed with fire and was looted by them. In summary, i can say that the game idea is certainly very good. However, the implementation is to be desired. The random factor is far too high (company with 20 people who since the Wipe has found a single large mythical shipyard that had 174% ,5 charges, and Crafterbonus with 1500 intelligence 6.4%) and you are hardly in a position to set up very well or to achieve what you are actually working towards.
  2. We have the same Problem bevor the wipe. we have been writing 3 or 4 tickets! all tickets were closed within 3 or 4 days!
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