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  1. Try flushing your redis database redis-cli FLUSHALL
  2. Yup I noticed that while researching. Still no improvement for me after the patch. Hopefully others are noticing it as well and im the only unlucky one.
  3. When I fist loaded after the update, It looked like it was patched, then noticed it kept at over 100% again. I see that your process is 40 seconds into starting. Can you verify stability when you are able to? I don't think this is fixed yet.
  4. But I haven't called you a troll, or an idiot, or a... well, you know what I mean becasue you are not stupid, are you? I just said I was smart enough to recognize one.
  5. Smart enough to recognize a troll. Best of luck to you.
  6. Right, so I should leave the Official Atlas Forums and search the reliable interwebs to find good information from the devs about their game. Thanks for proving my point. No I don't accept your words. I didn't buy this game from you and can't hold you accountable. How about keeping "I heard nonsense" to yourself. Doesn't help anyone here looking for real answers.
  7. Maybe I'm not looking for the right keywords. Can you please link his post? Thanks!
  8. Can't say that I blame him. Hardly any feedback here from the devs. Would love to know how you know. I figured this would be the place the devs communicated with us on topics like these. Please point me to the right direction cause this forum isn't it.
  9. Great didn't realize that, thought it was a global setting only. This should help both types of our playerbase.
  10. We have similar issues with our player base. It would be great if we could section off pvp areas and non pvp areas. That way if you want to engage in pvp you get a choice. Even if it was a grid option to have pvp on or off, that would be great.
  11. Yes! You recommended this to me earlier and I grabbed it. Still need to spend some time with it but just waiting for a more stable release.
  12. Thanks for the update! My community is getting antsy but this will put my mind at ease for a bit.
  13. Anyone else getting ridiculous core usage for one grid? My specs are 24 cores Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X7460 @ 2.66GH with 64 gigs of FB-DIMM DDR2 667 MHz Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 13204 root 20 0 7004068 4.108g 97148 S 110.6 11.6 10:11.91 ShooterGameServ My process here is using 110.6% of one core. Is this normal for all you other admins? a normal ping from the cmd prompt to this server is around 38ms. When I'm in game the server latency is 170ms. Really shouldn't be this unplayable I think. Zone transfers continuously fail.