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    Breeding Giraffes and Elephants Temperaturbug!

    I just spent over 6 hrs tending a baby elephant had him to 9.8 percent maturity and he freezes to death seems like the more health he had the faster he lost it. I had 18 grills and 10 torches set up which seemed to work fine until he got over 9 percent maturity
  2. Kalimur

    Please re-think the flag system on PvE.

    What I would like to see is a clear explanation as to how claims are going to work on PVE. What is the point in claimable zones if we have no way to actually claim land? How close can someone else build to my base are all claimable areas becoming lawless? It seems this wipe is entirely geared towards PVP and we PVE players have been left at the wayside.
  3. I feel a better explanation of how the land claims work in PVE is in order, Is there land claims? Have banks been eliminated in PVE? What is the distance between foundations that another player can build next to you? How is foundation spamming going to be controlled? Are all islands becoming lawless ? It would appear that this wipe is geared towards the PVP community and we PVE players have been left by the wayside.