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  1. So far I have been unsuccessful at getting spoil timers the way i want them to be the only item that seems to change is olives at 1hr spoil time while other berries and meat remain at 5min spoil time. I run my server through G-Portal and no mods since none of them will work till dev kit is released.
  2. As title says how do you pay?
  3. respecing prob just for testing purposes
  4. Hello Captains Brand new server is up with x3 xp x3 taming and x4 harvesting. Trying to find a balance for those with lives outside of the game without making it to easy. Currently PVE only but hope once servers get added we will add pvp zones. Current mods running: Indianman Stacking mod Lantern and torches galore Tnm custom ship menu We have discord so please join https://discord.gg/yC2VNTX give feedback and lets make this server one of the best out there To find the serve just search for Anchorage of Monkeys. Also note servers are max 10 slots so if you are unable to join right away give it time at some point we will have another spawn region. Update: Due to Atlas being updated a lot some new feature may not be in the map until it is officially released or community votes to get new updates. Reason being right now making significant changes to a map requires a wipe and to avoid wiping all the time i have opted to wait unless community doesnt mind.
  5. Ok question does just adding the relevant code to override epic ocean box on a server to spawn whales mermaids ect, or are there other things i must do? Right now with Gportal i cant check using getallstate since they dont give access to gamelogs right now
  6. Any one hose their server through G-Portal know how to access game logs? I asked on G-portals prob 2-3 days ago and so far 0 response so I thought I try here. I also sent a ticket to G-portal regarding it but I dont want to wait till they have a fix for it. What I'm trying to do is see if whales spawn on one of my servers using getallstate gentlewhale character_bp_C and as far as I know only way to see if they are is to look at the logs. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I stumbled on the cause of no mini boss spawning when i went to the server north of the one i spawned in on. I spawned in b2 and went north to b1 and found the pve island there had the boss but the one on b2 still had no boss. The only difference between them was b2 was homeport b1 wasnt. Removed being able to spawn in b2, removed home port and sure enough mini boss spawned. I also increased the npc spawn rate to 1.5
  8. I got the powerstone index in the islands and I have the spawns at the default settings
  9. just need to know if i need to add a sub level to the islands to spawn the mini bosses
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