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  1. Sooo, 2.5 months down the road...do we know yet?
  2. Same, been stuck between A11 and B11 on a brig since 22 hours
  3. How about scaling the claim/steal timer by how long people have been inactive as well? I have to sit here idle in a claim for 4 hours, a claim that belongs to people who only played the week after release. Would be nice to lower the steal timer by say 15 minutes per day they've been offline or something...I dunno
  4. So you're telling me that everything pre-patch is claimable, despite people being online say 12 hours ago, as long as nobody logged in on them after the patch?
  5. So they've been inactive for all that time, just sleeping on the claim so you couldn't claim it. I don't see a problem with that?
  6. how tho? They would need to be offline for 3 days first?
  7. How would the current changes affect people that are coming home from work or waking up in a few hours? There's still the 3 day inactivity timer that needs to go down plus however long for the declaiming...I don't see why you would mention something that isn't a problem?
  8. "run through ALL my claims hoping you hit every single one".....you just hit the proverbial nail on it's head, being a solo player and able to claim that much land.
  9. Only AFTER they have been offline for at least 3 days
  10. People keep forgetting that this game is intended to be played in groups, even though I don't like it either (solo player by heart). Bringing up the whole "oh poor me needs 2 weeks holidays" time after time is not helping. First of all, you dont go on holiday every month, so we're talking about let's say 3 weeks out of 52. Your boss will want to know your holiday well ahead of time as well, so how about you plan for it as well? If you know you will be on holiday in june, either make friends before that or ask a friend to log on every so often. The funny thing about all these comments as well is that all of the people complaining are people that actually managed to get claims and they forget that most of the people on lawless islands are there out of necessity. Anyways, the devs could implement something that once per year you can activate a 2 or 3 week grace period. If that's not enough to cover your holidays, you have nothing to complain about...being able to go on holidays multiple times a year
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