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  1. kaed

    Is it just me or are we back to x1

    A single tree at that point could only make a single wood piece (wall, foundation). That is stupid low to say that we can build guns, we can build boats, we can tame Dragons...However, we are so horrible at gathering we cannot figure out how to make one tree make multiple walls? I don't think anyone would complain about 4x being the default it feels more in line of what I would think a good balance time spent harvesting and the mats received. That is my opinion and I cannot or will not speak for everyone in that regards though.
  2. kaed

    Is it just me or are we back to x1

    Gathering wood would have to be compared to same trees. Each tree type has different variations of resources given, but even the large ones feel a little weaker than normal. TBH 4x should be the default or maybe 3x to remove some of the grind especially with the addition of metal and organic paste to some recipes. This company loves to ninja patch certain things that have no reason to be patched. "If it aint broke don't fix it" is not the motto here. "If it aint broke lets find a way to royally break it" feels more like their attitude.
  3. kaed

    Is it just me or are we back to x1

    I will say this Jat is very wrong. After the patch my guild heard me say the rates did not feel like they should without the 2x weekend. If more than one person feels that way, then once again wildcard/grapeshot you have failed again. As a rule of thumb with this company I honestly expect every patch to mess something up and with that mentality I am never disappointed. I dream of a game that players don't fear the patch because wildcard/grapeshot is bound to ruin something and make life more difficult for the people that want to have fun.
  4. kaed

    Loading screen Mini Game!

    This new mini game introduced by the devs is awesome. It helps make the immersion and combat feel so much better as I stare at the rotating world over and over and over. How do you play the mini game you might wonder? Well you came to the right place. First you activate your control alt delete skill and use the end task ability. Now you think you won but you are not done yet. After using control alt delete multiple times you might finally get logged in. VICTORY you might shout but wait there is more. Now you cannot see server pop, open a door, fast travel, or anything. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be trapped in a room where you could do nothing except stare at a wall. Your wait is finally over with this new mini-game because that is all you will get to do. Forget high adventure on the seas welcome to PLAY the Loading Screen! Seriously Wildcard/Grapeshot you never fail me as long as I expect you to royally f*** something up. /clap