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  1. This is still causing plenty of grief on our cluster, please fix this!
  2. If the server you play on has this new boolean command true (which supposedly applies to that), it could be the cause: bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks=True (I was wondering if this might've been the cause of the Ship issues, but this is set to False on our server)
  3. Seems like it only effects the extremes or Bow/Stern of the Galleon aye? Oh to the Devs: PLEASE Fix the dismal place-able limit on that thing while you're at it yea? Awesome thx!
  4. This annoying bug continues to drive players away - why bother build a ship if you can't build on it? Thank you for taking a look at it ASAP, Cheers.
  5. Running a PvE community server - this has come up frequently, please allow. Thx.
  6. If you would like to find out more, feel free to message and we will invite you to our Discord to answer any questions.
  7. Yep, I believe it. You have a source comment from a dev or something? I'd like to look at the context. Thanks!
  8. Oh crap, so that is not exactly a solution either, far from it. Well shoot, if you figure another way hit us! It would be great if the Island took the DisableClaimFlag switch but it doesn't yet.
  9. I have not tried to disable on the whole grid, no. By default it seems the editor adds bDisableClaimFlags=False into the exported file, per cell, so that would have to be switched as well.
  10. Galleon placeable limit is dismal! The old GameUserSettings.ini command of PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=1.000000 (increasing above 1.0) Does not seem to do it as ships are possibly handled different because they level? Wondered if anyone found a work around command yet. Thx.
  11. You can use DisableClaimFlags, 1, In custom datas, and check the Region Overide section there is a boolean switch about the flags, But that only works for the whole cell, in server customdata1 and 2. But I have been unable to restrict building Just on the starter islands, within a cell, so far.
  12. Hello, I may have some bad news for you. Just had this issue one one of our cells and the only solution was to wipe the save. If you can, have everyone sail off of the zone and wipe it. The short version is, somehow, you may have edited either a spawn or the island itself, and the game database sees it as out of position now. Make sure you are using the Locks to keep everything locked if you edit. You can hit the nodes, but you get nada, and every other island is fine right? Unless someone else has a fix that is better, that is the only way I know to fix it (delete All .atlas saves and the back database). There is some issue between the ServerGrid.json and you database that doesn't match anymore.
  13. We just did a wipe on our server and I had taken numerous pictures of our (mostly empty) galleon. Verified I had the structure limit set to 2.0 and spawned a Galleon. We were able to build it out identically and ran right back into the too much stuff message. So... We can't get it to work either, when spawning a ship on a fresh save with the setting. Regardless, make sure you add your vote to the Ship suggestions thread so it gets some attention, thanks!
  14. Our Grid gaming community is a group of adult work and family type folks who enjoy getting together to have some fun when time permits. We have a custom 3x3 PvE server with Epic creatures, Powerstone quests, NPC Traders, All Biomes/Weather, added skill points and mildly boosted rates. If you like a relaxed game play experience without any drama, enjoy grouping up with others once a week or so, and are willing to speak on Discord when on event runs, you should definitely find out more. The family that is Our Grid would welcome a few new like minded players to the mix. Our server is Owned, not rented, with active admin and two methods of game data backup, to safeguard your hard earned progress. Cheers. Server is 3x3, Powerstone quest, Epic spawns, Traveling merchants, All Biomes, Skill points, Harvest, Tame & Adventure XP boosts.
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