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  1. Some of my favorite moments Too many to choose from... The last one is my tavern project
  2. NekLevelRP presents [AU] Australia PVPVE #1 | 3x4 | 2xWE | 1200 slots | https://discord.gg/HNYAgeZ What the server will offer: 3x4 grid with 1200 slots Official rates and 2x weekends PvP and PvE Zones Zero tolerance for cheating and exploiting Anti griefing measures and rules (Park your ship in a PvE grid overnight to keep it safe!) Moderated discord with active support and interactive community channels All end game content, mythical creatures, merchant ships and islands Custom map that caters to a variety of playstyles but is designed to create enjoyable PvP opportunities Slightly modified stat increase per point to improve PvE gameplay and quality of life We want to provide the best possible unofficial experience that effectively allows people to explore all elements of the game with the available time they have. It is important to us to tackle the problems that the game is facing in its current state, including griefing and offline raiding, and we will take steps to govern this. The goal is to improve and promote things like naval PvP, which is an important and fun part of the game. We believe that there is room for casual players as well as the hardcore PvP crowd, and that a healthy balance is good for the longevity of the game. We encourage you to play your own way! For more information, join our discord: https://discord.gg/HNYAgeZ The server will go live at 6PM AEDT. Connect through steam with steam://connect/ Or search for us under unofficial PVP See you in game!
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