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  1. I also wish the shieldhorn had better stats, currently they are so low even a high lvl has low stats
  2. I was trying to put beds on my schooner. Whenever i put beds on the ship i would come back later and there would only be one bed left and the other 4 would all become invisible and unable to use. I tried putting down the beds again and labeled them "real bed" since you can only spawn in the bed if it is physically on the ship. Whenever you spawn on one of the "fake beds" it will pop up a green screen and won't let you spawn. I tried destroying my bottom deck of my ship and the beds are still showing up on the map. I will now show what i mean in picture format.These are what the beds look like on the map even though i have no beds on my ship. This is what pops up if you try and spawn on any of these "fake" beds This is the amount of accommodations i have on my ship so i should be able to have 5 beds. Even after destroying my bottom deck where the beds were originally placed they still appear on the map. I don't think i am able to put more than a single bed on my ship otherwise it will turn into one of these fake beds. If anyone has a fix for this that would be greatly appreciated, i would prefer to not scuttle my ship. Thanks.
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