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  1. i was completely baffled by fog as well.. it should always be on no matter what the settings are
  2. I imagine the motion sickness would be realy bad on a ship....
  3. dunno how to do that.. and the stream is still going, with him still exploiting...
  4. CSTG member Perse has been abusing a basic exploit with the glider, on a nightly basis, to fly across multiple zones and barrel bomb / oil jar boats and tames. You can literally watch him doing it on stream right now. All you need to do is fly upwards and drag the glider to a new slot on your bar to avoid the CD and reopen the glider, gaining altitude. https://www.douyu.com/673890
  5. it begs to quesation why it isnt in the base game though
  6. is there a reason why we cant see Chinese characters in our game, when clearly the Chinese can see English just fine? or are you afraid that when we get screen caps of hacks and exploits you wouldn't be able to fall back on the excuse of 'but we don't know who they are!"
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