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  1. Only one in this which is my own is Requiem for a Dream. All the rest were taken from here or the youtube video on the first link. Zelda.ahk ACdcintro.ahk AllStar.ahk bohim.ahk darude.ahk Despacito.ahk Drunken Sailor.ahk GameofThrones.ahk Happy Birthday.ahk Imperial March (Vader Theme).ahk Jojo.ahk Jurasic Park.ahk MarinesHym.ahk Misty Mountains.ahk Pirates of the Carribean.ahk Pureimagination.ahk Requiem for a Dream.ahk Sea of Thieves - Bosun Bill - short version.ahk seaofthieves.ahk Tetris.ahk Thescientist.ahk up.ahk wearenumber1.ahk Wedding Song.ahk You Are A Pirate.ahk
  2. If you want an easy way to play the ingame songs you can plugin a Xbox controller and the keys switch to the controller which it's alittle bit easier for me.
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