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  1. Ditto. Out of interest - what version does your client say you are on? Mine says 18.73, but they supposedly rolled out 18.75 as of two hours ago?
  2. I hope that you managed to fix this without breaking the side of your ship Alicia - as previous posters suggested, two fixes that often seem to work include 1) raising/dropping anchor often "pops" mounts to top deck and 2) putting follow distance on Lowest, whistling the bear onto follow and then running to different vantage points on your boat (higher points in different directions). These approaches have definitely worked for us in the past - hopefully it can save folks a few tames.
  3. I hate to break it to you Racidon, but just like the bug thread where tames and crew are getting teleported into the ocean or getting stuck in foundations after every other server restart - if they have not responded to you after your 10th bump, then my guess is that the take-away message is that it is either not a priority for them, or they dont know how to fix it but wont say that? I am going to sadly guess with breeding it is the former, wheras with the teleporting assets it is likely sadly the latter, which is even worse. I feel for you though man - breeding is just horrible right now. We have the same problem where a single heat-wave kills them in Temperate region when you have been babysitting and feeding them for 10+hrs. Its just not a fun way to spend one's time when there is still so much tuning that needs to be done - I genuinely wish they would test and personally try more of what they do before they implement it.
  4. Logged in after yesterday's patch to find a brig ported (still moored mind you) one zone away. As I got over there to fetch the ship, a shark ate one of our chickens (which must have been ported out of our barn - it was nowhere near the ship originally mind you) and we are also missing a rhino - has not appeared as killed in the logs, so it is either invisible somewhere or drowning somewhere - spent an hour sailing looking for it... What is worse is that I submitted two tickets for this in "Live Game Support" yesterday. No response. Me thinks the name is a serious misnomer, as there is nothing Live about it, nor has there been any Game Support so far on this topic. Going to quit this game and submit request for refund if they don't fix this issue now shortly - there is really no point in playing a game and accumulating assets when they are being randomly ported away into the ocean, fall through the earth, get stuck in floors constantly or get killed from behind/underneath/through walls. How many more customer/player votes does it take in the number 1 bug post before someone from Grapeshot responds - even if only to acknowledge the problem? (which is SERIOUSLY SHOCKING that you guys have not even done that - nevermind assurances or a timeline for this to be worked on!) C'mon guys - do the decent thing and respond to your players on this... please.
  5. Cool - so that means we should keep tames only in buildings where the surface is flat (so that one does not have to build more than one foundation deep) and it must not be above land or above water. That narrows it down to... wait... nowhere being safe?
  6. Suspected as much - pity... I did find that the above method also definitely works for tames "stuck in each other" when one has fallen through a floor into another one, but as you say I still have chickens lost in foundations and this has not worked on them. Maybe someone else has found a clever workaround for tames stuck in floors?
  7. Seriously not worth sailing all that way Shanks - just pick a location you like and leave a Sloop there (like 60k other people do) and then port over when the rotation hits
  8. Until they spawn 16 angry whales in the shallows, staying underwater as long as possible is your friend doing these indeed! I know some folks even climb to somewhere safe and watch the entrance for a suitable gap and then glide down, but have not tried that approach personally.
  9. I realise that this sounds like a bizarre suggestion, but sometimes the above actually works! On 3 occasions yesterday we had a bear load into a ship completely incorrectly (twice into the very bottom of a galleon and once it actually got properly stuck into the rocks of the ocean floor (!)) and on all 3 occasions we eventually got the bear out by 1) setting the follow distance to Lowest, 2) whistling the bear to follow and 3) just moving quite far away/up and in different directions - it eventually just "glitched" back out! Not ideal by a long (grape)shot I realise, but until they fix this I thought I would merely post this feedback (as someone who has also asked for feedback on this - we are still waiting devs!) for this one situational fix. Have not tested it on stuck tames in foundations following server resets - not as optimistic that this solution would work for that situation also. ps: it helps to have two people look at the problem and just to check whether it is showing the same glitch on both accounts - sometimes we seem to see slightly different graphic/tame glitches - especially when one player is actually stuck "inside" the tame. If you are playing alone then of course you are SOL sadly.
  10. Could you expand a little upon this Kaya - does this really unglitch tames when they are stuck in structures?
  11. Bear glitched and was put on bottom of galleon after being loaded, then suddenly stuck in one of the galleon's decks (not just ceiling tile, which we broke out first as can be seen). Please urgently fix this guys... or have the common decency to say "we have no clue and need to get back to you". But your complete silence on this is just really terrible etiquette and insulting to players...
  12. Its the same across all (official) servers, so really no need to ask/post about particular servers - yay! And thank you very much Auralys - rushing out there now
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