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  1. We have been playing Blackwood for about 3 weeks now. Have yet to find any Wheatgrass, Silk, and Turnips. ------(possible solve for that would be a NPC's Selling goods Mod)---- Cannot Breed Rhino's anywhere as they require the High Desert Biome. Have not found any Yeti's yet. And has anyone been able to do a Mission in Blackwood ?
  2. I find that the Colors for Claim flags, Symbols and Pennant flags are very washed out once applied. Like the Ship sails is there a way to brighten up the colors. Sails have 2 layers that you can paint to seriously brighten things up. Is there a way for Claim flags, ship flags, and symbols?
  3. For some reason I cannot craft Paints in the grill. Water-check Berries-check firewood-check fire ON -check green labels for both requires ingredients-check crafting items menu- not lighting up to make paints....am i doing something wrong here?, Before this i could make paints no problem. Any ideas folks?
  4. The crows nest is facing the wrong way and the Sails are opposite to the Speed sails direction. Should the crows nest not be flipped 180 deg? Should the Sail/s not be billowing with the wind? instead of 90 deg. to the speed sails?
  5. Classic Bowsprit Figurehead needs completion, the bowsprit/Figurehead Mast typically held a functional sail as well , could this not be included as well? (at an extra cost maybe) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowsprit
  6. After the update to ver.16.0, I logged in right away, only to find most of my crew had vanished from my Galleon ??
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