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  1. Alliance Chat: Since you are able to create different alliances there should also be a tab or a way to type to each alliance. For example, I currently have 2 alliances that I created. One for my grid (N6 Allies) and one for Trades (Trades). When anyone that is in "Trades" types into alliance chat everyone regardless of what alliance they are in can see. So then everyone in "N6 Allies" is now lost when I reply. Thus only seeing half a conversation. Really what is the point of having multiple alliances if you cant toggle chats with each one? So that you are not confusing other people. There should definitely be some type of toggle to be able to chat to a specific alliance. The whole alliance option is really lacking luster. Alliance Access: There should be a way to allow an ally to use a bed and cannons. For example, I do not always want to take 2 ships to travel for one reason or another. Such as looking for a friendly mermaid. When an ally and I plan a trip together it's super stressful for the one that is not in the company that the ship everyone is on. Say the first mermaid you find is not so nice, and the ship is not in your company so if you die you are done with the trip. That's not fun. That's annoying. When I went with an ally to find a whale. I not only was restricted to one life (ya know if a shark got me or the whale), but I was also unable to use the ballista turret to help take the whale down. I only had my bow and arrows on my person (which did a whopping 22 points of damage per shot). That is also NOT fun. That is also ANNOYING. Either allow an ally to place a bed on an allies foundation or give the option to open a bed to an alliance. With a lock/unlock feature or pin code. This would also only be optimal on a PvE server. Also instead of putting a pin code on everything, you should just be able to have an option to "allow ally access" on a smithy, storage chest, mess table, even tames. A pin code should be for anyone not allied. It's difficult to come up with a pin that everyone knows and can remember. Also not so easy that someone you don't want to open a chest can guess. This would also only be useful on PvE.
  2. yeah ive done that. even went to the extreme of resetting my pc completely. on top of no water which would be tolerable however not nice to look at. i consistantly have 5/6 fps since the same update. ive checked EVERYTHING and still cannot get past this issue.... i just wanna be a pirate
  3. Since the update for either v15.73 or v16 i cannot see water anymore. i just see right through it. i can see the foam behind the ship when sailing. i can see fish and creatures in the water. they look like they are floating in the air. my settings have not changed. i usually play on windowed fullscreen. i have tired switching to fullscreen. still no change. i have examined every setting i can. anyone have any ideas of have encountered this issue and have a fix?
  4. im having the same issue in N6. like i havent been able to play for 2 days. like 2fps and super high ping. couldnt specify the ping. but i checked all my setting and speeds. no reason for the lag other than the game.
  5. Since the update on 1-24-19 I have been unable to play. The story: Tamed my rabbit yesterday. The server went down for update. Come back and cannot move without extreme lag. Waited. Update for V16 came out. Hoping issue would be fixed.... Was not fixed. Still cannot play. Additionally I am now unable to view water. Not sure if this is related. What I have tried: First I checked my settings. To ensure they did not reset to epic everything. They are fine. Unchanged. Checked internet speed. Still sitting on 400Mbps. Decided that I was going to reset my pc. The only game I currently have installed is Atlas. All drivers are up to date. Attempted to run in Low Memory Mode. Changed nothing. All in all for the past 36 hours I have been unable to play. Super frustrated. Only game I care to play right now.
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