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    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    So my experience with tame so far since the game launch. If we build a elevated pen so wild animal doest spawn in it. The game glitch our tame thru the floor to left it under the pen with no protection and or just make it dissapear if it were elevated by a foundation. But even with an elevated foundation (2-3 stack of foundation or more) theres still a chance for wild animal to spawn in it. Set animal to neutral to protect themself is no use if alpha shows up and start biting thru the wall(if wasnt spawn inside the pen already) and slowly kill our tame one by one that were trying to protect themselves. Set them to passive is fucked either way. Putting them on the ship is a gamble too. Everytime you press the button Move to Ship you have to pray so that your tame doest just fly straight to the planet stole ya tame. So TELL ME DEV. HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO KEEP OUR TAME THAT WE FOUGHT SO HARD TO GET ALIVE? I would love to hear your enlighten word.
  2. @strawman ahh I see, Thank you.
  3. I just logged in and I can't see my rejuvenated buff. Is this happening to anyone else too or I just trippin out? I'm playing on EU PVE