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  1. We’re breeding horses and are running into issues with the offspring: - All babies are born male - Adult bred horses sometimes change color on server restart or in different biomes. For example, a buckskin horse born in Eastern Temperate changed to mid-brown in Western temperate, and a mid-brown horse changed to dark brown with the same biome changes. Another buckskin born in Western Temperate changed to black on server restart while being kept in the same biome. Wild tamed horses are unaffected. - Adult bred horses sometimes change gender on server restart. These horses can be bred as males when their UI says they’re male and can be bred as females when their UI says they’re female.
  2. We’ve been having the same issue where all babies are male. The oddest thing is that some switch to female on server restart. The ones that switched were able to be bred as a male when showing as male and bred as a female when showing as female, so it’s not just a visual glitch.
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