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  1. KNZVgame

    Bug crazy in Island M6

    You are missing one sail on the Galleon - 5/6 large sails.
  2. KNZVgame

    The efficiency of the sails

    I know and myself use only speed , but this is the result of empirical observations, not research and study of numbers. Yes, the sails require a large change for better variability.
  3. KNZVgame

    NOT a game for SOLO players

    Dear OP, now you witnessed a thousand and one stupid reason why MMO suited ONLY for large companies and not suited for single players and small companies. Do not pay attention to them - these people either do not understand the meaning of MMO, or just trolls. On the topic: Yes, the claims system does not work correctly, but the developers plan to fix it in the big February patch, but judging by the latest patches, changes for the better will not be and the mechanics will break even more.
  4. KNZVgame

    The efficiency of the sails

    Great information, thank you!
  5. What is the efficiency, in speed, at the steering and cargo sails with a fair wind in comparison with high-speed? If the speed of high-speed sails-100%, then the steering - X%, and cargo - Y%. Attention question: what are the values of X and Y?
  6. KNZVgame

    Ship Station Groups

    Come to the gun and hold E, there will be parameters of combat groups.
  7. KNZVgame

    Articles of Patch Agreement

    You want... order!? Aren't you a heretic?
  8. KNZVgame

    Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

    Problem? What's the problem?
  9. KNZVgame

    NPC wont shoot at whales

    Settings attack the ballista - all targets. Might help.
  10. KNZVgame

    small updates saying no restart

    This means that the patch can be 10 minutes or 15, but maybe in an hour...
  11. KNZVgame

    20 min to add 270mb

    Rest in peace Galleon, you were dear to me...
  12. KNZVgame

    So many controls without explanation

    If the lights set the PIN and put the same on the lever, then switching the lever you will turn on / off all the lights with the same PIN.
  13. KNZVgame

    Which timer is correct?

    The correct timer is... Yes! IDK, man...