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    Livestream Q&A

    What do you all perceive to be the ideal atlas experience? The game seems to lack a clear direction. What do you all intend to do if anything to shift game play to be more boat focused? They only way to accomplish anything in PvP currently is destroying people's islands. Housing any kind of boat safely, even given peace timers, requires mega bases that the majority of player groups can not dedicate the time to build and maintain. What are solutions to this problem you all have considered, and what is the ideal scenario you all would like to see? How specifically do you all intend to rework the blueprint system to not put players without a mythic galleon at a MASSIVE disadvantage? At current, a common boat can't even hold enough cannonballs to sink a mythic boat, and it takes a group of 5 or more to have a chance at sinking a mythic boat. At the moment you can keep a galleon with half its planks missing afloat with only 4 people bucketing, What steps are you all taking to address this (maybe remove bucketing in to camp fires...)? Server performance has managed to seemingly decline even given the low player population, assumably due to mega bases. Is optimizing the game's current system to run better the best way forward, or are you all looking in to more wholistic changes? There is currently no reason for players to repeat any of the world bosses other than to help others. Is this the intended game play experience? How do you all think on boarding of new players should be handled? At the moment new players either join an existing company to teach them how to play, or they sit around on a beach and never experience most of the game's content. should it be the job of existing companies to onboard new players, or should their be more resources given to new players to teach them how to play?
  2. Mal

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    This spot at cheat TP K11 305367 -10277 588 on NA PvP Colonies has had ceiling tiles disappearing on us in this general area of the structure for like a week now. it's not the same tiles every time, and its never the one over the pillar. Just today we watched part of our dock which was mostly wall and roof tiles disappear at cheat TP K11 304024 -14296 813 This is the first time it has happened directly in front of a player, and it was observed to have disappeared in 3 segments, giving the animation if it had been pinwheeled demolished. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/566457236356988928/570762522164985866/unknown.png?width=1202&height=677