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  1. I reduced the volume of the snow. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I reduced the volume of the snow. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Thank you for the warm comments. And by the way the suffering vocals have been put on a delay after the first time one plays. That should go a long way towards making the vocals less annoying. Now onto fixing the tree farming vocal.
  4. As the Audio Director of ATLAS I must say... I could not agree with you more! The suffering and tree farming vocalizations are extremely annoying. They are not playing as I intended. I’ve asked our programmers to fix these bugs since the game’s release but sound is generally last on their priority list... hopefully soon I can get some help.
  5. There was another forum post regarding the sound of riding a lion. I fixed it as soon as I heard what was going on
  6. Stone patch? I"m just the sound guy
  7. Totally agree with you guys on the groaning. Will roll out a fix for that where the vocalization triggers once at the beginning of the debuff and then gets set on a long delay before playing again. That should make it much less annoying.
  8. WC_Baker

    Butcher sound

    Fixed that for ya!
  9. I agree, the character vocalization sounds are really annoying. The way they're set up now is to play over and over again until the debuff is gone. I plan on fixing it by having the vocal trigger once and then put on a long delay before playing again.
  10. Nice catch! I have fixed it.
  11. I replaced the inventory open/close sounds of the feeding trough and food larder. Sorry I didn't do this sooner!
  12. Ok I reduced the volume of the elevators. For the character sounds, what you're hearing are vocalizations that trigger based on what debuff you are suffering from. I am working on making it less annoying by having the vocal trigger and then get put on a long delay before being heard again instead of just looping over and over. I agree with you about the turtle sounds and have been planning a rework on those assets already. I've made success/fail sounds for anything that uses the mini-game mechanic. I hope for you to start hearing those soon.
  13. I spawned in a bear, rode it around and heard the correct bear footsteps. I also checked the Therizino move sounds and saw that they're only used on the Therizino creature. So I don't see how you're hearing Therizino move sounds with a bear. If you could show me in a video that would be helpful.
  14. WC_Baker

    Lion Sound

    Yikes, that does sound bad! I will fix this bug immediately. Thank you for reporting this.
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