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    Mythical shipyard

    so far i have noticed that every 10% ship quality (not ship yard quality) gives +1 extra level and it rounds up (15% = +2). As for shipyards itself i have no idea the calculation that is trasfered from shipyard to ship quality. We have 180-190% quality ship yard (do not remember exactly now) but it produces quality 170% ships and our cap is level 48. Previous ships that were made from 110% ship yard with ship quality 105% had level cap 42. But it is just my own observation.
  2. zeroenergy

    Maps quality 12 or more bugged

    i hate those empty bottles
  3. zeroenergy

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Solution : Crab I do treasure maps for our company and i´ve never had a single problem to do any kind of trasure map no matter the quality and most importantly no matter where exactly it is.Trasure maps on cliffs or mountains ? EASY with crab. Once AotD spawns just use double damage and smah with both left and right mouse click, even with shitty crab you do 100+dmg. doing trasure maps with bear and mounted cannon... that honestly made my day
  4. zeroenergy

    Accordion Fails/bugged

    so far we´ve noticed that if anyone is dancing there is a good chance the song will instantly fail. If noone danced it was ok so far
  5. zeroenergy

    Accordion Fails/bugged

    Since last update when songs are played on accordion (xp boost) even without a single mistake it just stops at random part and says you failed. Please fix
  6. yes, the developers most probably forgot to add the most important info for the marker that the destination is on a different grid so you cannot really follow the mark as long as you are on a different grid. But at least it shows distance in meters which is nice.
  7. zeroenergy

    loadin freezing on primalgamedata_BP

    same here.. stuck on PrimalGameData_BP already verified integrity of game files and still nothing even on low memory mode. this game is getting better and better "cough
  8. zeroenergy

    Buggy Treasure Map

    Hey, we have had the same problem and we did find out why is this happening ! The one guy that has the map must not die untill all of the army of the damned is killed. The moment the one with the map dies the rest of the army of the damned will not count.
  9. zeroenergy

    freeport Delay The Freeport Accelerated Ship Decay

    I very do like this idea. Me and my friends were talking about this idea many times since pretty much every two weeks i gather all the trasure maps and i prepare for us one huge trip which usually takes over 12hrs... and since I´m the Captain on these trips i usually end up anchoring in some freeport because we really need to get some sleep from time to time and with fully loaded ship it takes a "while" (4-6hrs) just to get back home. And i really would love pay some gold so that we may stay anchored before we wake up. Please that idea is briliant and i look forward if this will be applied in the game.
  10. zeroenergy

    Creatures spawning in buildings ?

    I just logged in and I was dead killed by Tiger lvl 3 ! Had legendary bow and couple good treasure maps on me not to mantion all of my parrots are dead too since they were in the same room.. Honestly fix this sh**. I thought i was safe from wild animals while hiding in upper floor... https://ibb.co/17CNFPz