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  1. I recently started playing atlas again with some friends. I haven't played in a while (before the wipe). We have a ship someone parked in front of our base we haven't seen them since they first left it here and it's in the way. I haven't been able to find a straight answer on google as to how long it will take to sink on its own or whether or not the ability to overweight animals and leave them on it to sink it still works (wouldn't normally try this but its been here for so long and is blocking us) (never tried it before but I remember hearing about it happening a lot way back).
  2. I'm in N12 we have a few flags here but there are 3 companies who have the majority of the island Sons of Orion, Straw Hats, and Blue Siren Trading Co. No one from Blue siren has been on in over 2 weeks now. We want to take their claims so we can actually build but all of their flags overlap at least 1/4 the way into other flags and they have buildings every other flag so are you basically telling me without some sort of admin intervention 1/3 of our island will stay useless and taxing us 30% of the majority of the small number of metal nodes here forever.
  3. Nope, no yellow swords when I place it against theirs. Why is it even possible to make unstealable areas? it's just gonna make it so in a year half the map is unclaimable with inactive groups everywhere.
  4. My group has wanted to take an area for a while but the way claims work is weird. The company we are trying to take from hasn't had anyone on in over a week now and I can't take their area. It lets me put down my flag and says contested and doesn't give me a declaim timer. I have heard sleepers stop claims so I have picked a spot where no buildings are but they have a bunch of overlapping claims, is that causing a problem? https://gyazo.com/f675f747c3fddca5d261357383ff27c3
  5. Has this been fixed yet I am trying to use canvas and I cant free paint.
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