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  1. Opa Deluca

    Island discovery and ships of the damed.

    Same here, but when I restart the game it works agin until I change grid.
  2. Opa Deluca

    Single Player very Good !!!

  3. Opa Deluca

    Single player beta this weekend maybe...

    Looking forward to check out some mods
  4. Awesome!!!! Finally we get to play Singel Player Mode!!! Well done GS Best Update so far
  5. - Fixed a bug which prevented tames and crew on ships from not having their claim timer refreshed on PvE. To refresh their timers, you will need to board the boats they're on.
  6. Opa Deluca

    loadin freezing on primalgamedata_BP

    Same here...stuck on PrimalGamedata_BP since last update.
  7. Opa Deluca

    Friendly mermaid quest

    Same happened to me. Always switch saddle before I set sail.
  8. Opa Deluca

    LOL the physics on the cargo cart

    I put my bear on the ship...it vanished after crossing another grid. No more cargo saddle for me.
  9. Opa Deluca

    Painting disappear on Submarine

    Same happens with my Galleon. Sometimes the painting dissapers from different planks. When I try to paint again it will not allow me to apply
  10. Opa Deluca

    Kraken EU pve

    I would like to join you on friday. I have a brig
  11. Opa Deluca

    Add fog of war back to the game

    Please bring back FOW on PVE.
  12. Just keep hitting it with the spyglass and it will move after a while.
  13. Opa Deluca

    Ship of the damned camping on the edge of grids ?

    Yesterday the game disconnected when I tried to get to I12. I could not rejoin. When I finally got back in the game, 4 SOD were attacking my ship. My Galleon had only 5k hp left. They need to fix this.
  14. This is getting annoying now.