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  1. i have noticed this happens usually after a patch. it stands out in my memory only because it has happened more than once while i have been actively attempting to find discovery locations. I noticed that it does not change my position from where i was when the patch was added, but does in fact roll back the discoveries i had found leading up to the time the patch was launched. I cannot speak to a time frame that it follows in terms of how far back the discoveries are lost, but i noticed anything from the grid i was in, that i had just found, had become un-discovered immediately after. addition ~ it is likely there was a patch while you were away, as they come often and at random time intervals. i get that it is frustrating, as it is time spent. head up, keep with it, i just surpassed 400 earlier today, good enough for lvl 68. not meaning to boast, but to encourage to stick with it, find the patterns and use the tools that you have available to you. good luck
  2. i am no longer able to whistle my crew members to follow or to unseat them from a cannon after the latest patch. just thought it should be mentioned.
  3. just wondering if its just unfortunate luck or something that may have been over looked, but i've attempted to raise 10 different babies of bear, cow and horse, and each of them turned out to be male. I know its a small sample size, but every baby being male seems like something might be broken. do i just have poor luck?
  4. my only reason for suggesting such a measure is that currently there are 225 or some odd servers on both pve and pvp that have structure made well in advance of this quite sizable change to stone structure that are literally spammed and constructed to heights that are only the result of the original crafting requirement. I believe it would be hard to tell how it directly changes game play based on start from scratch server group and will only limit those that have chosen to or been unable to play until now, which i contend are the majority of the people that are still playing the game, on officials. I do get what you're referring to though, get more in the game before wiping the slate clean, though i question what would still have to be changed immediately if changes such as this go unchecked until the new beginning, likely only more to come in the near future. as i say to my company crewmates before crossing the line between servers..... "brace!" cheers
  5. - Stone Structures crafting costs have been increased by adding metal cost, and changing fiber requirement to organic paste, which requires both fiber and sap to craft pretty sure that isn't a great idea under the current resource scarcities among the grids, and how many of them are locked away on pve and assuredly pvp servers. metal alone would have provided an additional cost and prevented huge stone structures from being constructed overnight, if the structures that are placed are simply just grandfathered in then i don't see what is gained. so much structure spammed all over by people from the early days that are just logging in to refresh their claims and their demo timers. I understand stone isn't any different than wood in terms of demo timer(on lawless), but it just solidifies the structure that can be spammed is in fact a very very inexpensive type. again, metal addition makes sense to stone, sap actually makes more sense for wood structures but hey, that is just my opinion. not a great choice either. claim flags need to be limited by level, with a maximum of 5 at level 40, and incrementally increasing by 5 for every 10 or 15 levels there after, and to be quite honest the limit should be enforced collectively among servers, not just by grid. If that were to take place then the limit could be increased for the level cap, and would function more appropriately. tighten the number of allies to prevent easy communication and the world will thrive by forcing more companies rather than just huge companies. and prevents people from just spamming all over 1 or more islands. prevent people from spamming on lawless by limiting the number of structures on lawless, where by anything over a set number will not be able to be refreshed, but can in fact still be used for the purpose; alpha trap, taming pen, etc... with out the resource reimbursement upon demo either, this will allow way more people to utilize resources from surrounding islands, while forcing the player to engage with other pathfinders. p.s. - the above are just talking points, not what i demand or think are the most beneficial, so please feel free to elaborate underneath, or add to constructively. If you don't approve of my idea, that is fine, come find me in game and tell me, otherwise just keep to positive and constructive feedback and ideas. tldr: wipe officials after the next major update and let the people that are still around get a chance to not have to deal with bugs, with some added constraints and i think people will be much happier. no organic paste requirement for stone claim flags need to be limited in some manner, lvl, per grid, collectively, some how is all that matters (late addition) - no claiming water by placing flags out at sea, the message can remain, but claiming open ocean seems a bit silly. lawless structure building needs to be restricted, a cap that would allow you to build but has a much lower decay timer and no resources can be gained by demoing before the timer is up. over a structure limit of maybe regional based limitations excluded 150, seems like it would allow for taming pens or a basic base to travel to, conduct your business and then go back to where ever you came from as a home base. oh yeah, wipe servers sooner rather than later. no ark games, we wont ever....legacy....just wipe to give existing players a shot and not have to weed through the dead lifeless foundation spammed islands cheers everyone!
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