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    Recruiting! Are you new to the game and looking for a place to enjoy yourself, a place to learn and grow? Living in a lawless island that you could never really call home? Or being permanently harassed by companys that think they are above you because they have a couple more people or access to a few additional materials. We are currently looking for players from all backgrounds and every play style. Whether you want to sit around, farm and build. Or get a ship, get stuck in and absolutely annihilate somebody just because it has happened to you! We may have a home for you to actually see some great game play. A safe place. Available materials. Even if there are a few of you and want to be together. As a decent sized company, part of a large alliance over multiple islands with active officers (too active) I’m sure we could accommodate (you may have to share a bed with your friends) Set PvP days to keep the action going too! Come have a chat with us and see what we can offer each other! https://discord.gg/jhfGRt

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