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  1. Looking for cannon bps 160% plus. Medium or Large. Show me what you got!
  2. Looking for some good cannon BPs for these. Medium or Large show me your offers. Thanks!
  3. % velocity doesn’t seem to currently be changing the speed of ships
  4. Don’t waste you time. Speed sails aren’t working at the moment. Wait until fixed you’ll probably have found your own by then
  5. Looking for residue or iron. Have Strongwood, Fronds, Darkwood, Rushes, Agedwood, Bark, Copper, Iridium or Softwood! Or Cannon BPs!
  6. We currently have an abundance of salt available to trade, if we are ever out for us it is easy to farm. If you need salt and have any basic materials to offer like sugar, wood, thatch, fiber or metal let us know. We pretty much accept anything at the right amount as its all useful for upgraded blueprints Many Thanks!
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