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  1. RogerRoger101

    Game's dead, nice try Grapeshot, gg wp

    58k to 5k = dead (or will be soon) in 6 months. Don't forget they don't ban Chinese hackers (since now the parent company is Chinese) - I loved this game but alas. . . you can sing happy folklore about this game all you wish. Pet your furries or not statistics don't lie:
  2. RogerRoger101

    Crazy CPU&Ram Usage

    fair enough then it's a Day0 issue. Hopefully, this thread helps others.
  3. RogerRoger101

    Crazy CPU&Ram Usage

    After talking to someone you can modify your Engine.ini with the "NetServerMaxTickRate = 17" ^^^ this file, just add the things that were discussed in this thread and then right click on the file (engine.ini) select "Properties" then click the check box "Read-Only"
  4. Mate, can you mash a screenshot of where "NetServerMaxTickRate=15" goes. I've tried a few different place but still showing 27% cpu per grid/server
  5. RogerRoger101

    Crazy CPU&Ram Usage

    Changing this (adding this actually) doesn't change the CPU usage with version 18.15
  6. you left out the ports that need to be forwarded / open.
  7. RogerRoger101

    Server Population Is The Lowest I've Ever Seen

    Last 30 days = RIP. OP (@[616]REXFORTIS) was just being prophetic
  8. RogerRoger101

    server Travel Failed, Unable To Start Transfer

    probably the server system admins that fixed this not the devs
  9. hey grampa just shh and go to bed.
  10. yes you are angry. carry on pog
  11. are you mad millennial just because someone added more specific information that you may have not known?
  12. I'm using a i-5 (gen2) 16gb of ram and 4 grids will smash the cpu to 100%. 3 grids = 75-80% cpu usage. I have a 3x3 separated between multiple machines Basically, for every grid, you will need 2 threads (4 CPU cores = 4 threads sometimes 8). 5x5 = 25 servers or 50 threads and 100GB of ram (min). (2) Dual Xeon box (server) is what you will need for a 5x5 or if you have a few PCs laying about you do what I did (spread it out over a bunch of potato boxes). Xeon's usually deliver about 12 threads per CPU. 24 threads / 2 = 12 servers = 4x3 grid. you probably are looking at 350.00+ (per server) or more (depending on the age of the server) for two Xeon dual CPU servers with about 64GB of ram each. OR (if you have money literally dripping out of your orafice) you can do something like... 8U/multi-core, Scaleable Xeon's (not that I recommend supermicro but omg....) 448 threads = 224 servers = 15x14 grid.
  13. RogerRoger101

    Version 15 was the best for few Host timeouts

    the company is owned by a Chinese media company. Chinese are like the Ferengi's, #rule of acquisition, profit, profit, profit.
  14. So far I can't find a way to stop people from building on freeport islands. I did google it and searched for it here before posting here. Anyone have any ideas? I can restrict it like a lawless area but you can place just about anything like chests to block people's path.