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  1. Sad but true. The cult behind all this is probably not even remotely interested in the game, but more to hold they are part of a collective distraction machine with an extremely large budget and this little shitfest gets the guru to lay it all out in a couple of months and they then have to 'manage' it but it appears the 'managers' are just brats with no real interest in anything other than getting paid by their masters. Prove me wrong.
  2. Oh don't worry, it's far worse than that; Pharos is a rookie zone but guess what? The gold is good so all the new players are bullied out of there by larger companies with level 90+ players who are quick to declare the gold making is insane across 3 grids for maps so they push everyone out. Well done Grapeshot/Snail/Wildcard. It seems like yet another company that is headless beast with no real strong leadership or vision of what makes a great MMO. This stuff is childish in terms of MMOs and really does exemplify just how immature at MMO gaming the keks running Atlas are.
  3. Another round at pretending Atlas would be good, another round of seeing it has not done a damned thing to get new players but simply encourage and entrench the neckbeards who can't seem to find the real world to live in. So now you have large companies farming the pharos zone for maps and rolling over everyone. Good job Wildcard, letting the neckbeards ruin your chance (yet again) to gain a new playerbase, but rather you'd stroke the fragile egos of the tiny TINY existing playerbase. Serious question; is Atlas Wildcard run by a teenager? Is that teenager hoping to get into one of the megas? It would appear so... Anyway, shit game has no actual planning for new players other than to throw them in the grinder with seasoned players who can repeatedly farm the new players have even seasoned veterans like myself can barely last a week. That was the last time Wildcard, last time. Probably the company to go down in history as having the most potential, but due to poor leadership and lack of vision; falls horribly short of itself. Consider consulting MMO veterans at what you are doing wrong and why. Seriously. It's so blatant to a player with 1800 days /played in World of Warcraft. It's so blatant to a player with some 20k hours in Ark. The worst part is that it's quite blatant where mistakes are being made through the eyes of an adult...
  4. Call me spoiled, but as an unofficial player who loved Ark, I find myself playing Atlas official and there's really one HUGE problem that brings such a massive quality of life change, that I find official hard to play, and would love to see it in the game- Hitching Post. It really does mean that much to me, wandering dinos drive me crazy, and going back to the early days of official Ark make me cringe, it's probably the one off-putting thing about the Atlas game, that I can't make a decent breeding area for tames because the wandering mechanic simply drives me crazy. "allow breeding" would also be a very welcome addition. I really do think many would love seeing this in the game, and the servers would love less auto breeders and wandering tames...
  5. zysis

    submarine bug

    You can steal an enemy sub by simply parking a dinghy dock near it and telling the sub to dock. Not sure if this is intended but it's quite a broken mechanic.
  6. From what I understand, there are ways to go faster, and quite a bit faster at that. For the most part, speed sails offer a higher top speed for any given ship, regardless of wind. The wind itself is where the actual speed comes in, but there's another factor that seems overlooked. Ship weight has changed a little since I last played, and it appears in order to gain more speed, the ship needs to be lighter as a percentage of it's total weight. Spending points into weight lowers how much speed loss there is, so an empty ship with all points into weight will travel much faster than a ship that is carrying the same amount of weight, but has no points in weight itself... What annoys me is the lack of sail design and mechanic to allow for a greater sailing experience. It's very much play on rails when it comes to putting a ship out on the water in order to become fast. Handling sails should ideally have snaps ONLY on the front of a ship, and would actually be the speed sail. Think of a jib sail versus mainsail on a yacht. There very notion of having one set of sails across the entire ship and placed where you like seems a little archaic and ignorant of actual sailing. By adjusting sail positions and mechanics, one could create a bit more diversity in ship design, rather than having "this is what you do, and if you don't, you are bad" mechanics. I prefer handling on a gally, being able to turn is a huge thing for me, but the loss of overall speed makes them redundant. Mixing the two offers little benefit, thus forcing cookie cutter ships which ideally serve a very cookie cutter style of play;- run them down or run away. Intricate ship battles seem to be avoided while good mechanics and playstyle fly out the window when it comes to either cut them down or run away tactics. a jib sail with no boom would be preferred out front, thus allowing straight line speed when wind is favorable, and would certainly offer straight-line sailing far more speed as a result, any turn out of wind would make the sail simply not work at all. I really do feel that by having 'speed' and 'handling' etc really does limit the sail loadout. There are many things wrong with the game at this point, red and white meats also get my blood boiling. Fish and Animal meat? seriously. A 'steering wheel'? Come on. Terms should be used and players may enjoy the immersion of having a helm over a steering wheel. Just my two cents.
  7. I'd love to see crew using a bow. I mean, they would be super cool sitting on top of the ramparts with bows equipped, told to be stationary and draw arrows from either the ammo box or their inventory. A 'stand your ground' command would be nice for this, given they'd probably just run at the enemy and try punching them. Crew firing a volley of flame arrows toward an enemy ship would be an epic sight to see...
  8. Love the game, really do. It's been a roller coaster of a ride so far with a few memorable moments. The combat is very fun and having ship attack a shore base while you are on the shore is a thrilling experience, that's for sure. But enough of that, I need to get this off my chest.... (pun intended) Firstly, White and Red meat... Not animal and fish meat. Guys, there's such a thing. Chickens are white meat, as are fish. Humans, pigs... WHITE MEAT. The rest, red meat. This is a change that needs to be in the game and I cannot believe there's such a thing as 'animal meat' when it's pretty obvious that having white and red would be both more realistic and offer far more variety. Birds would also give white meat. This is a real life thing, it really is! Pork is white meat... I can't stress enough how much this actually bugs me. The crocostimpy cannot be hit by a tame head-on. It simply has no hit box on it's nose, so extending that sarco bounding box a little would be nice Refertilizer: PLEASE make it a thing in this game. Having a new tribe member run out and cut all my trees down around my base was heartbreaking, it really was. I'd love to be able to regrow them and turn my base into the beautiful paradise it once was because it's now this ugly grey box on a hill and I hate looking at it. So much so that I don't even want to log in any more. It's really that ugly and offers me no natural cover at all. The barrels are nice, so is the way they get water and I really love the piping system. I'd really enjoy seeing a Distillery in the game, so as to make a more potent grog and give the game a little more realism when it comes to crafting some items, rather than have a mortar and pestle. In all it's been a fantastic game so far and I really can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed it... RED and WHITE meat guys. Pigs are white meat, so are humans... Chickens are the same as fish in terms of meat.. (snakes too) so this would be a welcome addition and I'm really shocked this isn't in the game, I really am. I don't like the 'steering wheel' either because we all know it's a helm. We don't go calling a joystick a steering wheel for the sake of a few simple minded types, do we? I'd prefer to craft a helm and put that on the bridge... Alas matey, we can't all have it the way we like it but seriously, it needs to be called what it is for the sake of all the pirates out there who call for a bit of immersion. All in all, it's great despite the many masses saying otherwise. Having to go into the water for 'white meat' while chickens cluck around me is the only annoyance I have really.
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