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  1. Bear: have claws but can't harm/gather a tree? At least tatch, we know that bears tend to sharpen their claws with the help of trees in real life Wolf: they can't attack with their paws. Maybe add a jumping-claw movement That's the one i use daily for now. In other terms add some cloth, and heavy armours to them too? (and please fix the bear mount so it's not covered with the bear "hair")
  2. yeah i have the same issue, i play in a unnofficial server, tryied on another server but without luck, before i was able to paste the .jpg files on the savedmaps folder but now i don't have that luck..
  3. Same problem here, don't know how to fix it now, i was able to paste the files and it worked for a while. Now it doesn't work. Btw if you copy the files on the folrder named with the server id, try to be on the freeport it worked for me that way before, but now it doesn't maybe they changed something on the newest patchs.
  4. are you aware of the bug with the map in unnoficial servers that don't allow you to spawn bacuse you can't see the textures of the map in game?
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