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  1. mathewjknott

    Developer Live Stream Q&A - Deadline: 1st of May

    I fully understand adding new content to the game is needed for quality of life etc however with a game like this where custom servers need to be redone to add the new content, my question is how often do you intend to add new islands etc that require the map to be updated? Will this be something to expect every couple of months with 'mega patches'?
  2. mathewjknott

    Gates and what animals fit

    thanks. was hopeful an elephant would fit the smaller gate.... not so lucky it seems
  3. mathewjknott

    Gates and what animals fit

    Is there a list anywhere saying what animals fit what size gate? I have checked the wiki but nothing was listed that i could see If not does anyone know what gate is needed for each animal?
  4. I am trying to set my dedicated server so that the days are long and the nights are short but NightTimeSpeedScale does not appear to be working. I have these settings in the GameUserSettings.ini file for each cell DayCycleSpeedScale=0.25 NightTimeSpeedScale=10 In game, if I check the settings using the admin panel (showmyadminmanager) it shows both Night Time Speed Scale and Day Time Speed Scale as true, not as a number as expected. Day Cycle Speed Scale correctly shows 0.25 I have tried different values for NightTImeSpeedScale and they didn't appear to work either but I did not check the value with the in game admin panel.