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  1. Larger building pieces would greatly reduce load-in lag. As an example, a relatively small 5x5 base takes 25 individual ceiling tiles to cover - Giving us the option to cover it with a single 5x5 sized tile instead would be a massive improvement (25x less pieces to load in!). Same goes for walls and floors.
  2. I would take monkeypower over tek ANY day! Ideas like this would keep the game fun, creative and interesting while improving QOL, as opposed to more technology that is, honestly, just creatively stale and super anachronistic in a world where we use old-world wooden ships for transportation.
  3. It's terribly frustrating to try to build even a simple large pen to keep tames safe with the strange obstructions and uneven terrain in the game. I've heard they added undermesh character detection in Ark recently, so surely they can do the same in Atlas to keep people from living under the mesh with terrain collision off (which is probably the main concern).
  4. If we could equip these NPC workers with higher quality tools for improved gathering rates, etc., it would make blueprints so much more useful and desirable. Plus, less player resource farming (so... many...materials needed...) and more player sailing/mapping/trading/exploring would be an amazing improvement.
  5. Agree with all of the above! The flimsy stick pillars in the game look... awkward... holding up ceilings.
  6. Most of us are here to build and explore, and not having to contend with uneven terrain/slanted cliffsides/etc. while building would be a Godsend!
  7. Also have cannons showing as manned with no NPCs on them and no way to interact with the cannons. Our ship was just anchored overnight while we slept and we came back to it like that. Argh.
  8. Ever since the reduction in wolf spawns, I feel like I'm not getting f***** nearly enough. I can work for almost 3 minutes straight before being savagely disembowelled by something spawning directly on top of me. Could we please get an increase in lion, cobra, snake, crocodile, shark and manta spawns ? Especially lions. I love losing control of my character, because I feel like I have too much control in my life as it is.
  9. They are making money by streaming the griefing - Really. It's a source of income for them.
  10. I didn't know this! Thanks for the info! Just had this happen for the first time with my bear after using transfer to ship - it died in a matter of seconds, poor thing.
  11. O14 has also been unplayable for the last 3+ days. People can't transfer out if they make the mistake of transferring in.
  12. Any of the above suggestions would be a nice QoL fix. It's particularly annoying to have to pick up a bunch of different colored lights, repair them at the smithy (argh), and then try to match the colors to where they belong in the build again. Silly, but...
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