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  1. Dr. Peeper

    new quetzal in atlas

    Well, I've seen a horsefly. I've seen a dragonfly. I've seen a housefly.......
  2. Dr. Peeper

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Unless these are the same across the board, please post which server you are actually playing on.
  3. Dr. Peeper

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    All 2nd story tames fell to first floor. The only reason they were on the second floor in the first place was to protect from wild creatures killing them through walls and foundations. Kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Thinking that storing them only within large gates and on the ground is best.
  4. Dr. Peeper

    Can we please get more cobras?

    Cobra parsed through foundations and killed all our tames while offline, for 2nd time now. Going to try to keep animals on map-ground and not a structure to see if this helps. If not then it's stilts way the heck into the air. Needs to be fixed!