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  1. I'd much prefer dungeons that scale difficulty based on how many players are in them at the moment. The more players, the more mobs and the higher level the mobs are. In addition to bosses scaling up too. Dungeons should also be sharded. Making it so that each company/alliance would get their own version of the dungeon. Scalable dungeons would make more content available to more companies. Also, the thing I really don't like about your suggestion is that you would exclude small companies and solo players from getting good loot. I see no reason why you should HAVE to be in a large company/alliance to even have the chance at getting some decent loot. A way around this separation would be to have a common queue for dungeons, grouping random companies together.
  2. So, the ageing system really isn't made for soloplay or small companies. We're a group of 3 players on a private server, and we've hit 90-100 years old. We now tried to access the FoY, but it's protected by so many high level creatures that it's impossible for us to reach. So, either you need to stop ageing debuffs, or you need to implement other means to get younger ASAP (procreation?). Also, can I suggest you employ a project manager that can keep you in line? These retarded updates you keep pumping out is just ridiculous. Also, a proper Community Manager would be desirable.
  3. Server: Private Seed: unknown Problem: Rivers don't act as water. Doesn't get wetness, cannot drink, not possible to place pipes. A lot of this kind of river object on the same island, and all function the same way (i.e. not as water). Haven't seen this kind of river on any of the other islands we have visited. But other types of river seem to work. Bug is for all players on server. Need more info? Let me know what you need and where I can find it, and I'll happily provide :)
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