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  1. Added 3 grids for a 3x3 Configuration
  2. Hi amazing work i want to say first off, so thank you for all your work. my only issue with it is when a server crash's there is no auto restart, would be a nice feature, only if there is a crash though.
  3. They should make it open for all compatable servers. It does surprise me though that only 1 host is capable of it. They probably paid for exclusivity
  4. Hell's Paradise 3X|3X3|PvPvE| Newcomers Welcome Slots: 20 Slots Per a Grid Note: Auto Restart Everyday At 1:00 AM EST A2,A3 grids are pve, A1,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2,C3 grids are pvp Atlas Server List https://atlasserverlist.com/server/71285769 Discord Connect: https://discord.gg/udXx6FK Steam Direct Connect Links steam://connect/ Mod List: Admin Helper Tool Custom Item Stacks Total Ships Market NPCs Improved Settlements Total People Master Navigator Blackwood Sub Unlock ATLAS Beastmaster Battle Stations Server Spec's: I7 - 3770 CPU 32GB of Ram SSD 860 Evo - 500GB
  5. Updated to latest patch and added PVE section in A1
  6. how did you change that, i am running into the same issue. no idea what the hell im doing with the Redis.
  7. Hey everyone i just started a server (i know right another unofficial server) This server has a active admin(myself) and with growth could use more Currently a 1x2 scale, with room to grow. PVP/PVE A1 is PVE for those players that want to play it safe, A2 is PVP for the players that want to go out and fight. Come check it out https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/atlas/3188837 https://discord.gg/d8Wj8UB
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