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  1. NA PVP there was some server lock issue when it happened, saw a tweet by a dev to log in to another server cause he thought its fixed and people can move servers now died and logged into A6 freeport to test it, and suddenly I had my character , but rollbacked for 2 weeks. lost my artefact key, 4 power stones, fountain of youth buff(reverted to old age), levels, skills reverted back, all bonus discovery points, even my hotbar in the UI reverted back. I have tried to die and log into different servers, relog after few days without a corpse change servers, leaving game and returning after turning it off and on again too but so far, nothing worked in returning it. this is very disheartening, good luck in the debugging efforts I hope you will fix it.
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    yep lost my FoY, 4 power stones, artefact key, and all my bonus discovery points... and levels it all happened after the server lock bug got "fixed"
  3. Server: NA PVP character name: Taltalim the friendly mute bug: i just logged in after the issue with not being able to move servers and found my character rolled back very very far. i deleveled down from my level, lost all my bonus discoveries, lost my artefact key, 4 power stones fountain of youth buff and my skill changed back to very very long ago. also somehow after i lost the fountain of youth buff my age is still high and not what is was when i got rolled back to =S. this is very disheartening, is there anything that can be done about it or i just lost all my game progress from this bug?