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  1. still stuck in the create a new character screen. i was trying to get to the fountain of youth. in D11 died and gave up due to the insane lag. tried to re spawn in L5 free port. but just kept saying failed to transfer. and now stuck in limbo. i can see the global chat and people talking and i can also talk in global chat mind you i'm not even talking with my own character..??? but again still stuck in the character creating screen. ya seriously need to get this figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its been four
  2. Helzrax

    Why did my character get deleted?

    still no fix for this? first time able to see chat in the create character screen? apparently pathfinder nomad??
  3. Helzrax

    Why did my character get deleted?

    still no improvement its now day three.. extremely irritated! sent a ticket in myself explaining situation. no response on ticket. was also talking in atlas chat threw discord and was told to play unofficial servers! unbelievable. especially when they launch a stream talking about things they would like to do, instead of fixing everything that is still broken. while putting back a bottle of scotch on a live stream... seriously need to get there stuff figured out. absolutely insane.!!!
  4. Helzrax

    Something's wrong with my Beds

    every time i try and log into rejoin atlas it still brings me to the create a new character screen. doeskin give me an option to change ports. would like to still get my old char back. according to tribe mates its still there, so i have no written over it. but still every login attempt its trying to force me to create a new char.
  5. Helzrax

    Why did my character get deleted?

    this same thing happening to me. spent hours trying to get to the fountain of youth. whole thing was just a slaughter show. watching hundreds of people getting destroyed. after four hours of trying to get to the fountain.. once we spent two hours just trying to get threw the zone due to lag. i logged in frustration after being killed numerous times. i figure i would get back on today and have a second go at it. only to find that every time i log in i get a message popping up stating ( Travel Failed, Unable To Start Transfer). after reloading the game three times. it now just automatically brings me to creating a new character?.... i was age 97 when i logged off.. now did my character actually die. or this another bug that needs to be addressed?