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  1. Elder Drake

    Tames are blinking

    This happening to me with a Bear, blinks for a split second kicking you out of it's inventory. Other people in the Company confirmed the same was showing on their end. We tried to unclaim the bear but we can not get the timer to fill up to unclaim before it blinks again and kicks us out of the radial menus.
  2. Elder Drake

    Land Claim Complaint and suggestions

    I am leaving a Company on my own with a couple friends because of the toxic nature of them griefing people in a PvE setting to steal their land and take advantage of their own when not online (i.e. they just sunk a members Brig that he worked hard on with for zero reason beyond they needed mats, then they blamed the Chinese when he got on, nevermind that our own Company saw it, recorded it happening and called them out as they did it). What works in PvP does not work in PvE and I will admit I do not have the answers on flag claims. Hell many other ideas people posted are honestly better than mine and that is why I wanted to start a discussion. Not a flame war with 1-2 people trolling the hell out of everyone so they can get off on some superiority (or inferiority) complex. I can respect differing opinions, it opens debate and that is a good thing when it is healthy. Anyways I personally am done with this thread as it has devolved and I do not even like some of my replies. The large Companies that flag spammed are defending that right and those that are homeless are ridiculed and derided in a direct or passive aggressive way. Too much bs and drama, I just want to have fun and I came to this game because I like ARK and I like pirate games. I think this game has a LOT of potential but it is EA and stating opinions and discussing things is good for us all. Nitpicking a fellow player for voicing an opinion is not, to me that is toxic when you multi-quote flame someone. State your point and maybe if you are not an ass, and it makes sense, people will listen to you and incorporate ideas you have made or look at things differently. I know I have but I am moving on, this is getting really wild at this point. My .02 and done with this.
  3. Elder Drake

    Land Claim Complaint and suggestions

    On PvP it is meant to be this way, not on PvE you condescending jerk. You are greedy, plain and simple and hiding this behind weak excuses, assumptions, and suppositions. Too old to deal with replying further to you, you are just trolling at this point. It is not fun to not own your own spot. It is not fun to see Uber Companies greedily land grabbing then hiding behind excuses akin to what you throw out. Also said companies can have toxic people in them that love griefing others, mine does and because of that I want zero part of them. Sinking other members ships for parts when they are offline then blaming the Chinese, stealing BPs/Gold/Materials. This is not fun to me. Not fun to me to pay a greedy person for a single spot to call my own. Really is sad that people think this is how it should be played. I feel sorry for you. /done replying to you.
  4. Elder Drake

    Land Claim Complaint and suggestions

    What, are you serious? You are one of those people that mooches off others I bet. I am a family man, married, and a father. A toxic company is a toxic company and toxic people can ruin it for good people. Not being able to take your own ship if things go sideways is an absolute no go for me. Am I supposed to leave it to the toxic jerks in the company to mooch along with? Nope. No thank you.
  5. Elder Drake

    Land Claim Complaint and suggestions

    Right, then have admins lock you out of your own stuff. People steal your stuff. You can not keep your ship you built if you leave. That idea is flawed.
  6. I don't care if there are 1000 threads on it, the current land claim system in PvE is broken, broken, broken. Easy method to fix the issue below, thoughts and input are welcome as we need to keep this issue on the devs minds. It has caused a Company I was part of to fall apart and the remaining people turned toxic, griefing and land claiming so they can make it towards the idiotic top ten list some developer thought would be a smart idea to put in the game. -1 land claim per player, 1 sea buoy claim per player. -If you join a company you increase the radius of the flag the leader placed up to a limit, your original place claims are instantly pulled. -Said claim is protected as long as a living company member is within it. -If nobody is in the radius, solo or Company, a timer starts. After so many days everything in that area starts to fall apart and as time goes that damage accelerates. This will create an auto cleanup for everything that improves server performance. -Flags can be contested after the above timer has run it's course. Time to capture the flag is reduced in time the longer nobody is within the area. -Water Buoy flags can not be placed in shallow water nor can they extend influence into shallow water. -Claim Overlaps are allowed but within the overlap zone there is no taxation rate. -Sleeper within the area are lose health if they sleep past 24 hours real time and are subject to steady water and food drain as well. I am not going to pretend I understand the problems the developer would have on a technical side with doing the above, but something needs to be done beyond what is currently happening. It currently is not fun at all if you do not have a spot to call home.
  7. Elder Drake

    Lawless land decay rate

    Well thank you for the replies, it is appreciated. Just is a bummer how the current land claim system is and how it is abused.
  8. Elder Drake

    Lawless land decay rate

    Thank you for the reply, I do understand that mechanic but I have heard that wear and tear decay is increased. Is this true or just bs?
  9. Elder Drake

    Lawless land decay rate

    Given how hard it is to find unclaimed land, with people holding spots that have quit since week one for crying out loud, I am forced to try and find a Lawless area that is not pillar'd or foundation'd up on PvE Hydra. I know Lawless causes faster decay rates but a few Google searches just show people complaining about how fast decay is, does anyone actually know how much faster Lawless islands decay structures and anchored ships? Thank you in advance for any and all replies and help. Happy hunting. Addendum: I really hope they fix the land claim issue on PvE. Flag spamming, people leaving sleepers and NPC in spots, etc is just plain broken. No Company of say 3 people should be able to own a damn island and someone that quit weeks ago should have died of starvation by now. It is a broken system and I have many friends that refuse to play because they simply want a single plot someplace to call home and go out adventuring. As it stand now you literally have people selling land on officials for real money. It is a joke.
  10. Elder Drake

    Accordian song macro creation tool!

    I really want to use this, is AHK allowed on official?
  11. Elder Drake

    AHK allowed?

    Is AHK allowed in ATLAS? I made a thread on this on the Steam forums as well but have heard nothing yet. I use it on many games for useful, non toxic, things. An example even here I want to use: I am disabled so applications like this help me, sadly people use them for slimy other uses and as a result many games do not allow it. So before I risk getting in trouble, I wanted to ask the community. Thank you in advance for any and all replies. happy gaming