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  1. These are my first few videos on Atlas building, I have been building on Ark for a couple of years and I really like how they have implemented the new system. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]
  2. I called this place The Pinnacle because it's the pinnacle of Atlas castle architecture, well that and its hight up and has pointy bits The whole place was built over 7 days and I managed to hit the structure limit. It really is a massive base, there are thousands of walls and ceilings making up the build and I am impressed at how well the game is handling it compared to builds like this on Ark. This build would make a really good pirate city hub where you could come and trade, I would love to see it full of players. [youtube]
  3. I got right into the build with Atlas the system is amazing really enjoying it I have built a Blacksmiths and a small pvp Fort up to now https://youtu.be/cQXJd9eHm4U https://youtu.be/AuUeUSX_QbY
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