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  1. Goha

    Flag Messages

    would you, please, tell me more about it? Sound like "if you put bouys we will not show ur message"??
  2. Goha

    Flag Messages

    Thank you! So, If I own just once single island, then they make no difference at all? I've created guest mooring on my island, with unlocked stations, water and more. And I would love to inform pplabout it, so they can stay there , dock comfortably, use stations, water... But I noticed, that message appear when you are pretty much by the beach and it is too late....
  3. Goha

    Handling and Weight sails angles

    Saminside, real sailing things, like apparent wind, would be overkill for this game. Also, it is not what we are asking for,here, because this sort of requirements will never be fulfilled. Developers, please, place align boom properly, set right boom angle for weight and handling sails, right now it is very unnatural and confusing. I am not using triangle sails only becuase they are "brocken" and look not natural.
  4. Goha

    Flag Messages

    What is the difference between varios territory messages that you can set on calim flag? Which one has bigger radius? And what are differences?
  5. Goha

    pve NA-PVE WulfPack tames for sale

    no rush, thank you I dont use discord much, sorry
  6. Goha

    pve NA-PVE WulfPack tames for sale

    ok, then one with maxed HP and Melee, might be neutered then. What would be price,, place and time? I will be coming from f10
  7. Goha

    pve NA-PVE WulfPack tames for sale

    Thanks, I would buy pair of those (too lazy to breed but would try to get imprint bonus over the weekend) May I?
  8. Goha

    pve NA-PVE WulfPack tames for sale

    I would buy best bear with max me/hp what stats your bears have for me/hp ? Anything above 150/1500? Or better? Or much better?
  9. I put 5 ballistas on the back of my Schooner. 4 of then work just fine. Problem with middle one: I can mount it and It gets loaded, bnut when I try to shoot - character just make step back instead. Same with NPC: upon shooting comand NPC make step back from balista. Any advise how to fix this? What is this? (I used pretty expencive ballista, wont lost it)
  10. I can't enter the game - all accounts/all computers the same issue.. Attmept to join new atlas - not even trying to connect, instantly getting the error, not showing server list. Non official servers I can see the list. what is going on? I dont see any announcements, patches - nothing
  11. Goha

    Connection to Host Time Out Loop Again

    Same, I cant connect, loop, can join new atlas ... nothing. from all my accounts and computers. Any help?
  12. Goha

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    Looks like they all gone to selebrate, nobody left here for answers Congratulations on Grand Opening!
  13. Goha

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    eu or na?
  14. Would you, please, fix handling and weight sails angles? They are totally wrong and very confusing, making gameplay non natural, false. There are many pictures ans articles explaining how it works and how it should be placed, this is just one of them: http://www.schoolofsailing.net/points-of-sail.html
  15. Goha


    I have sextant and used it couple of times, but… for everyday traveling, navigation with normal map is easier then climbing on the mast and playing annoying, bugged, stupid, not interesting mini "game" However, sextant is useful for boat spead related research: close hauling angles, sail combinations etc