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  1. v102.62 has killed the game for me but only when I join my main server - EU PVE. Can join any other server fine...
  2. To be honest they did NA players a massive favour in that you'll have a much better understanding on how colonies work and owning islands in general. What went live from the PTR was barely comparable to the current server and they are still changing things. Soon as the NA server comes up you'll know how many points each island is before hand, how many people you'll need to claim it and the gold cost. You also get the chance to explore all the new islands on EU to see if anything stands out as a potential new home to try grab as well. However the one massive downside I can think of is that it'll be a ghost town. EU PVE is barely populated now, that initial rush is over and people are already getting bored. Imagine what it will be like when they split the PVE community...
  3. I came across your village not too long ago and it looked pretty awesome, took 3 hours to get out of the grid with all the rubber banding but was impressed by the community in M3. Lawless is once again showing to be the best place to be part of a community. Shame that this isn't likely to get looked at any time soon as the Devs don't frequent this board unless forced at gun point. Better of hitting up the discord raising the issue there.
  4. Initially but only when one was kited into the main compound but the user who did it got banned. Much like official SOTD, they are only dangerous to unanchored ships and its not possible to agro them via melee anymore so your completely safe. Cyclones on the other hand were a bloody nuisance. You'd have to sit in a house and wait it out which doesn't sound bad but seemed like there was 2 - 3 cyclones every hour. Wish I'd taken a screen shot, looked really good though it did take a long time to render in.
  5. The concept has been tried on an unofficial server I've been playing on, would include a screenshot but it was wiped a couple days ago. Think Waterworld with pirate ships scattered around the edges. It wasn't exactly in the ocean but far enough out to appear that way but shallow enough to anchor boats. Whole thing was bloody amazing apart from sleepers/animals constantly sinking through the ceilings. At one point they lost 3 elephants that fell through the world after sinking past 3 ceilings. Other than that it worked pretty well, just a shame it was built by filthy RP'ers (joking) But the OP has 3 bloody good ideas, instead we're getting more cosmetics and poor mans Atlantis.
  6. You'd have to be pretty gullible to believe that statement from Wildcard, there was plenty of evidence to show that Atlas was more than likely a planned DLC for Ark. But being a relatively shrewd company, they made the right decision in making it a standalone game instead. How they managed to screw up so much after that is a mystery to everyone, its Ark Beta all over again. And make no mistake it will always be content > bug fixes.
  7. I'm not entirely sure why you think he know 'whats up' I mean sweet Jebus how old is that expression? No one really knows whats up until we get a PTR Also your assumption that people will enter a grid and ask to build on an island is woefully naive. 90% of players will likely find an island, drop their anchor and build. Thats the whole reason people got upset about losing claims in the first place. And yes the Island owner can prevent it within in 12 hours but why would you when that person will be providing tax. Its basically the same system we have now in that whole islands will be controlled by 10% of the community but instead of having to manage several flags, they just have to manage one per island. And yes there will be upkeep. Thank you for explaining how claims work, that always confused me... /sarcasm off My first claim had a sleeper on it camped out in a 4 x 4 hut- was still learning about claims at this stage but Mistermyztik was really helpful in breaking down mechanics. I spent 9 hours over 2 days manually entering pin codes into his door while watching Netflix to try get access to him. Finally got in and spent a day trying to figure out how to get something into house to kill this one lone sleeper. Elephant AOE ftw. Got up at 3am and got it done much to the upset of the alpha company that wanted his land to completely own the whole island. Two weeks later I came across 5 claims clustered on base that was up soon. It was going to be contested by just NPCs they had on their boats. So I waited out the timers - 6 days from when I found it. I had to spend two hours jumping from various angles from a rock with a wing suit onto their boats to claim all their NPC crew members. 8 crew members later and 3 x 4 hour timers for their main flags I own their entire base. It had 110k gold, tonnes of resources and BP's. All within in the rules though you could argue a little unethical.
  8. Being a pirate? I know shocking right, in a pirate game of all things... I came over from Ark to join some friends and then found out they had all given up out of boredom. Then I was about to migrate to NA and join some cool guys there but there was always the chance my old buddies would return so stuck it out on EU. So focused on getting land and amassing wealth. Turns out that's all kinds of fun. You have to do some pretty shady stuff to get land and goodies from other players, you know be a pirate in a pirate game... And I'm not gonna lie, that feeling of getting my own land after 2 weeks of hard work... Best feeling I've had in this game. The new system kinda renders a big part of that obsolete. I have no plans on living under someones thumb.
  9. Lol tbh I barely had to sail much previously, only really travelled round to help people or spend a day doing maps. I'd be lieing if I said I would be happy if the upkeep costs are really cheap. If I'm able to get a large island and I can maintain the upkeep it'll show how flawed this system is. The big question what will you do? you had grabbing claims down to an art form Your probably right I'll fail but outside of trying this, there's not much that appeals to me as a solo player. And before you say 'this is a MMO, join a company or GTFO out' feel free too suck my nuts. Also MisterMyztik isn't justifying the new system, hes just point out the biggest issue I'm likely to encounter if its even possible. Upkeep is the biggest downside.
  10. I stuck round but will likely leave as well assuming they go ahead with these changes. Plan is to play semi solo so I'll have too abuse the new system by getting bunch of NA/EU pvp friends to join my company come wipe day so I can get a bunch of these 'points'. Then claim a decent size island in a nice grid. If that fails, back to Ark I guess. Possibly check back in a few months to see if the Devs finally came to their sense or allowed the game vanish into obscurity. Game was at 40k+ players in December, its roughly 3k now? Be interesting to see how many players come back and stick with it....
  11. I don't know whats more shocking, the fact they felt it was good idea to announce a wipe almost a month prior to it being planned or the lack of a PTS at this late stage. Maybe they should have thrown in 2 hat cosmetics to keep people playing I think @Jatheish needs to take a back seat and get someone a little bit more passionate in charge. This game barely has any players left, they're adding more content which is completely pointless, ignoring suggestion being made by the few people that have stuck it out. And too top it off they acting as if everything is going great... Maybe they should just close the forums, they're pretty pointless at this stage with the almost complete lack of Dev interaction. Force everyone to join the official discord channel or follow their twitter account instead. Assuming there's anyone left in 6 months time.
  12. @Lotus Winter Thorne nailed most of it but theres some other stuff to consider about upkeep and island claims. I made a tonne of resources on a patch of land about 30 x 30 foundations with 10% tax. Enough to create a massive castle and not have to farm resources from that point forward. I hate to imagine what the alpha company had banked with the rest of the island so that upkeep they mentioned would have to be insane to be even considered an issue. Also what happens when a claim isn't looked after and it gets a new landlord that doesn't like the tenants, can he troll them off? delete their bases eventually?
  13. @mandrik I get it, support the Devs ect. In an ideal world we would all have a great big competition on who can get their tongue furthers up Grapeshots backside, every choice the developer makes is perfect and you'd get a free bottle of single malt with every purchase of a loaf of bread at your locale supermarket. Unfortunately I stopped doing drugs a long time ago so I'm a bit more cynical these days. But to emphasize the reason I'm having trouble with everything you listed from the captains logs.. THEY JUST NEEDED TO CAP CLAIMS PER PLAYER. That one very simply thing would have made Atlas 100% better the moment they introduced claims. It would make the land issue we've encountered now infinitely better. But they didn't and haven't. Yes keeping claims is good but a point system per island... your chances of getting land have gotten worse. The only way it would improve is if less people play and contest that land.
  14. I kinda want to apologise, I typed with the intention of trying to sound sarcastic. I pictured them discussing this in a Grapeshot brain storming session while snorting coke of an unpaid interm 'hey why don't we make it like PVP so every player will get an island!' Jat calls out, every one applauds.. ect Of course they completely over looking the fact that theres not nearly enough Islands to go round, less that 1% of players (rough guess) want a landlord and finally who wants to own a settlement you have to perpetually watch over to make sure some asshat hasn't put small taming box on some valuable resources - 12 hour destruction timer before your stuck with it. I get it they are trying something different with the point system but I'm already picturing ways round this. I know roughly 10 players that can't be bothered to play Atlas atm so guess I could put a call out to meet me on reset day to join my company and get me those points for a nice size island. And even they it'll be a crap shoot if I can reach something nice before some other group. And assuming I don't, what incentive is there to stick around? move back to lawless? bite the bullet and find a nice landlord?
  15. So we had the big march up date, they intended to gut PVE claims and or all intents an purposes make it a cluster F**K of crap. I thought too myself with enough feedback we could get them to take another route. Our persistence paid off they took all of our feedback and somehow came to a different conclusion...and made it worse. All they had to do was cap claims per player but here we are. One island per player. Lost for words. Ohwell PoE synthesis league starting today I guess.
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