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  1. While Grapeshot are willing to just delete a server (bye bye NA PVE) without warning - I have more dedication to my playerbase than that. This isn't about making a new map - as I've said repeatedly, it's about why are they forcing us to wipe by removing game assets? Are your players hyped to have their stuff wiped outside of their control with barely any warning, and get to start again on a map that contains nothing we didn't have already? I know mine aren't...
  2. Please read my posts. I do NOT want their map. I want them to come clean about the reasons for removing assets from the game and forcing unofficial servers to wipe - the game is full of unused assets, everything from ARK stuff, through to the islands they just 'added to the build' but have actually been present all along - it was done to force unofficials to wipe at the same time they are, and it's a massive douchebag move. To then make a post directed specifically at 'Custom Servers' that talks about adding islands to a build they (understandably) cannot access, just rubs salt into the wound of being forced by them into this position. Do you understand where I am coming from now? I re-iterate, I do NOT want their map, and I understand why they cannot release it. The issue is that they used their new map - the one we cannot have, and for a good while if they want to remain safe on official - as a way of forcing unofficial to follow suit with a wipe when we are not going to be able to make use of anything they have done.
  3. No, for islands to have been 'added to the build' then 'the build' must refer to the updated ServerGrid.json file (aka, the map file) because the islands they list have been available for unofficial servers all along. The only way they can have been 'added' to anything is if the build they refer to is the map. They didn't add anything to the Islands.json, only removed things. Thus the initial post is missleading. Nothing was 'added' for unofficial server owners - only taken away.
  4. I don't want their new map - I wanted to continue running the server I have and am struggling to understand why us unofficial server owners would care what islands have been 'added to the build' if 'the build' isn't available anyway, and these islands have been available to us all along. I also don't understand why they needed to be removed in the first place, outside of a strange wish to break unofficial servers with this update.
  5. Hard to tell without an updated ServerGrid.json - they could certainly have worded things better if that's the case.
  6. Is that definitely the correct islands.json? When using Compare in np++ I don't see any additional islands, just the addition of a 'maxIslandClaimFlagZ' for each island and a bunch that have been removed. Mnt_Y_WU_PVE for example - You say it's been added, but I was using that exact island in a previous season of our server, a year ago. The images and so on for it are also present in the GitHub version that hasn't been updated in 9 months. I'm confused...
  7. Nice that that has been made available for those happy to wipe and re-launch. Although would those willing to wipe not also need the associated Island images? Don't we need those also to make the GridEditor actually usable? Also is there any explanation for why the islands needed to be removed knowing this would force a server wipe for unofficials?
  8. Why would you remove islands from the build when you clearly know it will force unofficial servers to wipe, what is there to be gained by removing them? Honestly this just seems like an attempt to force existing unofficial servers to wipe, and force the players (that have been responsible for a good number of the sales the game has generated) back to official maps because they'll have no choice while the unofficial admins rush to fix issues caused by this. An obvious insult to the unofficial community, and I suspect just so Grapeshot can shout about how awesome numbers were on the launch of the new map. I imagine alongside this we'll see a delay to the servergrid editor being updated so that unofficials have no choice but to wait, or produce custom mods using the old build to add islands back in. That'd be the icing on the cake.
  9. No luck. SteamCMD still works fine if I call it manually - it only kicks up that error when the Updater tries to call it. Launch and type the usual login anonymous force_install_dir c:\atlas app_update 1006030 validate Works if I do it manually - doesn't if the updater calls it. Running WIndows Server 2016 if that makes any difference.
  10. Firstly, big thanks JetFox for making this, super useful. I've got everything working except for one bit of weirdness relating to updating. Whenever the tool tries to update, it shuts the servers down correctly, attempts to patch and gets about 3% of the way in and then gives this error in SteamCMD App '1006030' state is 0x606 after update job. I can fix it by deleting the download cache and .vcf file forcing the game to fully re-validate, but this has to be done manually. Any manual updates work just fine, but every time the updater attempts to do it this error pops up and throws the servers into a restarting loop attempt to patch, then getting that error, over and over every 2 minutes. Any ideas?
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