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  1. U get big problems for import ark maps to atlas. As public mod or on your own dedicated server. As for the question regarding can ARK content be used in ATLAS and vice versa? The overall answer is that we’re fine with it, however, the only thing that would not be allowed and will cause your mod to be removed from the Steam Workshop is using any Wildcard specific maps. This means that you are not allowed to port over The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, or Ragnarok.
  2. I think its better to start with some little things first to learn UE4 and the Blueprint systems. But if u want to start directly in this way u can search the dingy and the chairs or cannons and do a right click and click Reference Viewer. In the Reference Viewer u see all Blueprints that are used by the item or needed for the item.
  3. Hey maybe u activated the inventory only mode for crafting stations. Check the Buttons on the right side in the smithy or other station and search for this function.
  4. Stone Building Fix! No more Organic Paste and Iron! DOWNLOAD This is a quick fix for any people who want the old Recipes for Stone Buildings Back.This is a fast release so if i missed some structures let me know in the comments and i will add them shortly ^^Only load the mod in your server. U find the engram in the tarot tab. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1634142602
  5. next thing why building with stone on pve ? ^^ if u like the look u need to grind mats or build wood and thatch. Or play on a PVE unofficial Server with modded recipes. Its a EA title so all will change every Day atm.
  6. Honey/fakehoney/sugar also saps and it wont spoil so u can fillup your ship with it and bring it to your base. And whats the problem to travel for mats ? its a fucking Ocean Travelgame xD
  7. Every GameUpdate that affect your changed BPs u need to reopen the Devkit with the newest version and rebake all BPs of your Mod. But maybe wait for the Epic Launcher release ^^ because i download the Devkit in 5-10min but i use a Server Connection.
  8. Hello ^^ If u override the Blueprints with your mod on the Server then nothing will change. But beware u need to update the Blueprints after some time if new features got added.
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