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  1. yep...in a words of Queen - "When I look and I find, no change…" so problem is still here.
  2. It works only for 1 game session. day after all sh#t goes around.
  3. Well I've tested this solution last night and it works for me. But i must say that i've tested only 1 time, for 1 game session so this evening will try to log in usual way. Stay tuned btw. almost forgot to say! after u've log in with this method your map will be wiped out. will be fresh new like u are a lvl1 newbie in freeport =))
  4. Some new info (and probably solution) from Steam discussion (https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/1742231705671414959/?ctp=2) I can't test this one cause now at work. Pls reply if it helped someone. laughing man 23 мин. назад Ok alltogether , my company yesterday figured out a way you can solve this - its a little strange but it worked out 100% for all of us. Ill shortly describe it step by step 1. Manual remove battleeye from your steam/atlas folder (there is an uninstall.bat) 2. Start Atlas 3. DONT CLICK REJOIN ! - Instead click join new atlas - choose the Server your character is on - choose any home region and join (dont create a new character!) u will spawn on your last location but still bugged. 4. Kill yourself through an animal or drowning or whatever - your card will turn green now 5. Respawn at your new home location and let yourself kill by animals again 6. Now you can spawn at your bed and everything will be bugfree again I know this is a little crazy but since it seems to work i wanted to share it (thanks to blacky who found this crazy fix)
  5. EU PVE L6 region. I was busy on maintance my brig then game crashed. well... pretty common trouble last days. Freezing, kicked by timeout/not responding host etc... Anyway I've restarted game client and tried to reconnect pressing "rejoin" button, after 2 min of waiting and watching loading screen i've started to realize that something went wrong. Now I can't rejoin, but can start "new Atlas" and my character spawns on my ship but i can't interact with anything. =upd= now after clicking "rejoin" this button just disapears =upd 2= restarting game, PC and router didn't help, restoring local date and total redownload didn't help too.
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