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  1. I am now getting a Fatal Error Crash on opening my inventory in the NA PVE Public Test Realm. Was fine at 2 AM Eastern 4/11/19, getting crashes now at 12 noon same day. I am effectively unable to do anything except die and walk around. update: Inventory can be accessed through the F and E commands when looking at something else. I am only having a Fatal error on using the I command. Update 2: right clicking on an item in the inventory will now act as a double left click on that item and transfer it to the other inventory space. It still brings up the drop down menu for splitting the stack etc, repair, consume, drop, etc..
  2. This is still an issue on the US PVE server. Please fix this for solo players. I do not want to be a part of a company and if I make one then add another person I don't want their stuff. Some people just want to play solo for a long time and then maybe try playing with others later.
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