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    How Ironic, Atlas Is a Sinking Ship

    New CiV 6 Expansion was released yesterday so that will be what im doing for a couple of weeks, however i will login in evert 3rd day as i dont want to lose my claim for when they game is fixed
  2. Viscos

    Declaring War in PVE

    should be enough to just declare war. the acceptance is hard to get i suppose ? i have a dispute with a former alliancemember, now a neutral faction, our buildings are entangled and i cant build neither can he
  3. Saw this one on the workshop yesterday. looks AWSOME! . would be awsome if you could make a version for this as a NPC pirate ship
  4. Viscos

    SOTD loot is a joke?

    yes, they are currently piling up as it seems it spawns one new every night but noone kills them. the other day i was chased by no less than 6 of them. i had no intention of fighting them as the cannonballs are more expensive than the loot so i just passed them by. stacking them up in one area..
  5. Viscos

    SOTD loot is a joke?

    So ive been hunting these pests around the oceans now for a few days. Other than the crew they are useless to hunt. its way more expensive to repair the ship contra the costs of killing them. Will this get looked at? With the new update there are now tons of SOTD that noone wants to kill. so kiting 5+ for a while is not rare... Make it worth for me to take them out please! BR
  6. yeah. they dont fire on ships on there own. (unless unanchored) so its greafing
  7. Hello. So ive noticed that its possible to mix PVE and PVP servers. I am all for the PVE experience (its very nice to build simular to creative) BUT i would like to test the PVP features in an area simular to arena fights. Due to this i suggest that one of the freeports (M9 suggested) would be transformed to Lawless PVP. It would be simple to avoid if you do not want PVP and for those who wants to test out PVP with the safety of PVE enviroment could go there and battle out (maybee sink a boat or two). i should add that i do not want to have several accounts. one is more than enough with animal, npc's and houses to keep in order.
  8. Viscos

    Real Pirates MOD

    i cant belive that this isnt a thing already. I want PVE NPC ships to fight and capture. They must however sink simular to our ships (broken hull) not like the SOD's.
  9. Viscos

    Enough, farewell, goodbye

    my lawless server that im on M10 PVE EU has an average of 20 players. ive noticed a huge growback of preditors lately so there are less players for sure
  10. can standard buildings be created in the game such as a fort? (and have it to respawn if broken)
  11. Is this server a thing? i would love to join this
  12. A way to setup a kinda "high Sec" area would be to build simular to IRL Carribian. Nations would own certain islands keeping big forts on them (armed to the teeth) These would keep law and order (Passive-aggro NPC's patroling the streets) If a player attacks an other player the NPC nation would assign a bounty to this player (retaliation or defence would not count) and this could work with the bounty system to be implemented at V18. perhaps even a reputation system, both on company and on player level. then a big company would be able to raid the island but the main target would very likely not be hitting players, rather hitting the forts and looting the treasure. The tax system could be used simular to how its used now but would be cashed in to the fort (increasing raid risk) Claim system should be buy a "sqaure" to build your house on. Boats are bought from the docks with gold, small sail would be on it so you could still custumize it fully. perhaps placeable at chosen location simular to the docks. in the ocean of these areas NPC ships would keep of pirates. it creates a kind of high security area while keeping the PVP. These areas should be "safe"-er but still PVP, giving a place to build your house without a massive risk of having it destroyed (could not be stolen, rather raided)
  13. Viscos

    Enough, farewell, goodbye

    Actually the split between PVE and PVP is sad. what I'VE would have done is to make the lawless areas PVP and the rest areas PVE. Expand the amount of lawless to cover larger areas and give higher loot chances there (other mobs etc). that way you could venture out on an adventure and then return home to the safe areas.
  14. Viscos

    Salvaging / Plundering

    is there any visuals to indicate that it is a crappy sloop rather than one built by players?
  15. Viscos

    Salvaging / Plundering

    nope nothing (PVE EU) i do get items from chests etc tho but not the shipstructures. also, salvaging the chest does not give me the items inside the chests but the demolish price only.