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  1. Good day to all I would like to know the opinion of the community regarding the current balance of firearms. My vision of the situation is as follows: 1. It is necessary to designate the accuracy of firearms, these are still smooth-bore rifles, and seeing sniping is unpleasant enough. It is necessary to add an element of dispersion of ammunition to reduce the accuracy. This measure will allow making a balance in the current weapons use system. For more logical thinking tactics of combat. 2. I would like to see the smoke, as the smooth-bore rifles used black powder. The same goes for cannon shots. Of course, if this measure does not increase the load on the players' computers.
  2. Это фиаско......Просто фиаско. И без того невозможно защитить свою базу пока ты спишь/на работе/ушел по делам . Так Вы еще и фиксите урон по каменным постройкам? Теперь разбить каменную постройку вообще бесплатно, получается? Вы понимаете, что сейчас просто ради фана, кто-нибудь поедет и снесет половину построек на всех серверах ?
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