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    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    well not only tames this morning I had an NPC on a boat that was under the boat and I had him last night on the boat sweeping/fixing the boat. I managed to get him back on the boat by have him follow me, but now he keeps on disappearing/reappearing on the boat, it's hard to get into his menus to change behavior or inventory.
  2. It happened to me too, I lost my female tiger level 53. I put it on the boat from the water, it showed up in the boat for a sec then near me, I tried again, this time it didn't show up and a minute later I got a message in the screen and company log saying that my tiger was dead. It was nowhere to be found, not under the boat or near the boat. Got me pretty P$##$$# off
  3. MJMPlays

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    Well my tiger level 53 just disappeared when I sent her to my boat (schooner), it showed up for 1 sec on top of the boat then disappeared, a few minutes later I got a mention in the company log that my tiger was killed. (it doesn't say how) This is getting ridiculous. We put so much time into taming/leveling then to have it killed by the most stupid reason there is, when we try to move it to another island.