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    Give me my time back

    The implication being that if you come and bitch about early access being everything that early access literally promises to be when it had been a concept now for nigh on a decade, then you must be either a child or mentally deficient. In happy for people to choose the one they most identify with. I couldn't care less how obscure someone's screen name is, especially on the Internet. I could be called Noam Chomsky on here, it doesn't mean that I'm not spending every waking minute wondering where my baseball is.
  2. Smash

    Give me my time back

    Its meant to be broken dipshit. That's the fucking point. It's on the box...... They're not making you enter your (or your parents most likely) credit card details into steam. It's not that hard to just go "Fuck im an impatient ass. This one is EA. I'm going to give it a hard pass" then just go download fortnight with the other hardcore 12 y/os for instant gratification.
  3. Smash

    Give me my time back

    Dipshits don't have to buy early access games. Even if they can't read the disclaimer. This has been a constant in gaming for a while now. If you want to be pissed of about games that have bugs or missing features! Go buy Anthem. That's a full release apparently.
  4. Because that's a stupid comparison. Your example doesn't even make sense. What about the example you left it which is what if a company of 20 is threatened by a company of 50? Suddenly, not such a big gap is it. What about the company of 2 that's threatened by a company of 70? oh wait that can't happen anymore. When you drop the maximum population of companies the small companies don't get smaller as well. If you had a company of 35 before the wipe, you still do now and you have less to worry about from the companies of hundreds. Let's take it to its logical extreme. If you reduce the max company size to 1 and get rid of alliances then you can't have a hypothetical 1 zergs the other scenario. You could conceivably get 500 single player companies all working out of 1 discord but it would still be a nightmare to administer. You couldn't use each others boats or infrastructure, you wouldn't share logs or map data or warnings. There would be no friend or for setup making pvp much harder. All this discourages that style of play and held the little guy who are actually the majority of players.
  5. Try thinking about that question for 5 seconds and then maybe just delete it.
  6. Smash

    Honey giving Sap

    It sounds like your looking at honey in a freeport. These will drop the genetic mat, i.e sap. Just go anywhere else where there are hives and they'll drop honey proper.
  7. The annoyance was the point. Prior to colonies companies like ctsg had 20 companies already. With a 50 limit then might have to try and manage 50 that can't all be allied. Who knows, maybe they might even cop the social credit penalty and actually play against each other for a change in the new meta? We can only hope....... Or nah, just raise the limit I guess.....
  8. Smash

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    100% this. 50 was to high. When the megas refused to play Empires, why cater for them in colonies?
  9. Would be fine if blubber was multiplied by 1000%
  10. In a mega but doing my own thing in PTR. My only real feedback is "spawn everywhere" is aids and shouldn't get anywhere near the final product.
  11. Smash

    The 3 Ship Meta

    I'm not sure how you only have 3 ships to choose from when the only thing you have limited control over is the length. If you think there are only 2 ship weapons then you clearly haven't played the game.
  12. Smash

    The 3 Ship Meta

    I don't really understand the issue here. The ships are modular and effectively just small, medium and large frames. My only issue with it is how brigs seem to have more flexible build restrictions than the other 2.
  13. I'm in dynasty, which is a combo of Dynasty, HSBB and Destiny and if there was some huge meeting of megas recently this is the first I've heard of it. The impression I get from our "leadership" at the moment is that we should all go back to ark and mesh for the lols. Most seem fairly disinterested in Atlas it seems.
  14. Smash

    Not even 1k ppl

    How do you "doom and gloomers" have the energy to keep coming back to these forums to post your unfounded and unreasoned tripe? Why don't you do what everyone else does when they think a game is dead? i.e. Go play something else. I hear Apex is good.
  15. Smash

    Remove/Nerf Grapeshot swivels from boat.s

    They're fine as is. They basically just provide some insurance against 1 boarder being able to take out a galleon. Figure out where they are, take them out first. Board at your leasure.