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  1. Thanks for the reply! How would I update the BPs in the dev kit? Do I have to wait until they put it on the Epic launcher?
  2. I am brand new to modding and I have a question that is probably simple to answer. I made a mod to bring back wood weight reduction for elephants and added stone/metal weight reduction for rhinos. To do this i had to modify the tamedinventory_BP, and then copy the creature_BP and modify it to use my modded tamedinventory_BP. So with our server running my mod, all the elephants and rhinos that are spawned in are spawned from my mod's creature_BPs. On to the question. If the devs all of a sudden decide that elephants and rhinos should only spawn with 1 HP and patch that in today, tomorrow will all of our elephants and rhinos spawn with 1HP as well or with normal HP (since we are using my mod's elephant and rhino BP)?
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